Text Field in Facebook Messenger No Longer Accessible Since Last Update

Hi there.
Please report this issue to the Facebook accessibility form. https://m.facebook.com/help/accessibility


It's very odd

Hi, I am assuming you mean when trying to reply or create messages? I've tried this and it is still working. However, VO seems now not to give any feedback at all. So you can reply to a message but you have no idea what your typing. You can come out of the message and it reads what you have typed back to you and then send as normal. I don't use messanger much so no idea if this is new but it isn't good as you could be typing rubbish and don't realise.

I just sent them a message

I just sent them a message within the app, that way, they get all the relevent information.

Let's hope it can get fixed, if you're a flicktype user, you should be able to still write messages, you just can't read and edit using the rotor.

I tried using Braille Screen

I tried using Braille Screen Input, and it didn't put anything into the text field. Quite annoying! I also tried using my Bluetooth keyboard. It typed, but when I wanted to edit something, Boice over would not tell me where the cursor was located, so I couldn't even edit.
Hopefully this will be fixed soon. I have reported this issue myself.

Post 3 is correct, it appears

Post 3 is correct, it appears FlickType is the only reliable way at the moment, not even BSI works.

Actually, now that I think of it, I typed something the other day using the standard english keyboard and that appeared to work, even though each key press was followed by the bonk sound.


I typed a couple messages using dictation and had no issues. When I've had issues like this, sometimes I delete and redownload the app. And that seems to fix it.

A Workaround for the Problem

Open a typing app, like FlickType or the default iOS Notes app.
Type whatever text you want to paste in Messenger.
Cut the text from that app, and paste into the Messenger app's text field. Then hit Send.

Anyone got a bluetooth braille display?

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I'd be curious with a bluetooth braille display if one could use the routing keys, and see on the display what's typed, and edit that way. I know that doesn't at all help us without displays, but I'm just curious in general.

Braille display

Using a braille display didn' tsolve it.
I had to paste the text using space+ V (dots 1-2-3-6


Sorry my bad. I mised this. Thanks.

The rotor is broken

Somebody above suggested copying and pasting. This does not work as there is no edit function in the rotor in messenger anymore. It goes from characters to actions, and it’s not in there, and then to other things but there is no edit so pasting is not an option. I have reported it through messenger and also on the above link.

Accessibility is really going down the hill

I have reported this as well.
To paste the text into the text field, use the double tab and hold gesture, and then choose paste.
The accessibility on Facebook is really going down the hill on IOS. I'm having trouble on navigating on sites, since the scrolling is messed up. I find playing videos very annoying since I can't stop playing without closing the app, and especially administration of your own site is a nightmare on IOS. That's my experiences. I should take the time and report all that to Facebook as well.

I couldnt agree with you more with both facebook and messenger.

Hello. There was a time not too long ago, when both facebook and messenger were working really well. However, when they do all these stupid upgrades, its like theyre trying to fix something that wasnt broken in the first place. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled both apps thinking that itll be better, but it actually got worse. Next time I uninstall, itll be for good. Not even sure if reporting to them would help. Just forget about it. Its totally a waste of time anyways.

how I reported a bug

How I reported a bug for Facebook was I went to Faceboo's accessibility page. Then, I clicked on the contact us link. I fill out the form from there.

What irritates me is that

What irritates me is that facebook accessibility is always breaking stuff, first it was the background not reading the post and now messenger. I will report it.

face book video

hi SLj. to stop playing the video in the face book, just double-tap with two fingers and the video stops. after you can close the video.cheers.


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Braille screen input still works for me. I don't get any feedback when typing, but when I change the roter setting and check the text field what I typed is there. Perhaps if Facebook wasn't so hell-bent on putting out an update every week just for grins and giggles, they might (and I emphasize MIGHT) actually be able to stay on top of these bugs.

Re: video

Thanks for the comment about the video. This has not always worked, and started to play some music while the video was still playing. But now it works. Thanks a lot for that.

Thought it was just me...

Thanks for clarifying. I thought it was just me that was experiencing this inconvenience. I reported the issue and hope it's fixed soon.


18/07/2018 00:50
The bug in Messenger affecting VoiceOver is now fixed and should go out in the next update (version 175) pending Apple’s sign off. This may take some time
to reach all devices. Thank you for your patience as this rolls out to everyone and apologies for the inconvenience.

Issue fixed!

Issue fixed!
Well, I posted my first message on July 8th, and that was one day after the falty update was released, at least in France. so, it only took them 13 days to fix. Not that bad hey.