text identification from camera roll

Hey guys. I have found a few great apps for taking pictures and identifying objects and text. I have also found some great apps for describing pictures in my camera roll. But I was wondering, does anyone know of an app that will read text from my camera roll? For example, if i took a screenshot of a document, is there an app that would be able to read the contents of the document? Thanks!


Seeing AI

Seeing AI, just released today from Microsoft, will definitely do this.

thanks, just got it

Thanks, I got it and it's really cool. But I can't find a way to identify photos from my camera roll

many aspire

Many apps claim to do this--braigo, easy fdf, knfb reader.
I haven't tried prizmo go yet. right now I am using bespecular
for casual short texts. Human beings read it.
It works well for me.