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Hi, How do you use the spell checker function in the text messaging app? I would like to know how to cancel a suggestion or to choose an alternative or to add a word to the dictionary. Also, I've set voice over to touch typing mode and I've noticed it takes a while to type a character when I move my finger over it. If voice over says a character and i move my finger straight off, then the character isn't printed. Any suggestions on how to speed up text entry would also be appreciated.


I've been wondering the same thing.

I'd like to learn how to use the spellcheck and autocorrect features. As to your second question, the slowness of VO responce when touch typing depends on which version of iOS you're running. I, along with some others, noticed a decrease in VO's responce time while typing in iOS 5.0 and 5.1, if I remember correctly. This has been fixed in later updates. I think we're on V5.1.1 as of the time of this writing. Good luck with learning the spellcheck and autocorrect features. If you figure out how to use them, would you post what you've learned on here? Thanks, Shersey

To start using auto correct,

To start using auto correct, simply start typing. When you hear the bubble sound, a suggestion has appeared. To ignore, keep typing or double tap. To accept, press the space bar.

so can you double tap with

so can you double tap with one finger anywhere on the screen to ignore a suggestion? and is there a way to review the word it is suggesting? I don't always catch what it wants to replace the word I'm typing with. Also Sometimes I type a correct word and it gives its own suggestion when I've typed the word and I'm at the end so if I press the space bar then it replaces the word I want with its own. I have to backspace and then change it again to what I want. I would like to know how to reject the suggestion it is suggesting using voice over. These are the instructions I've found for sighted people on how to use the autocorrection feature: "The iPhone attempts to detect typing errors and offers suggested alternatives. Similarly, it may offer to auto-complete a word as you type it. Such offers appear in the typed text, directly above or below the most recently entered word: To accept a suggestion, press the Spacebar (or press the Return key or enter a punctuation mark, such as a period). To reject a suggestion, either continue typing or tap the x icon to the right of the suggestion." I'm using the latest version of IOS and the touch typing mode is v slow. The shortcut to enter a full stop which you press by double tapping the space bar doesn't work for me in touch typing mode. I've switched back to the standard typing mode for now.