Is there an accessible way of playing DND on iPhone?

Hi is there away that I can play Dnd on my iPhone with Voiceover on Safari?or an app?


#1 I haven't found one in all of these years

I so far haven't found anything let me know if you do.

#2 Pathfinder

I play Pathfinder, which is an open source game based on and very similar to D and D. I play using an app called Hero Lab created by Wolf Lair. It works great for character creation. It works great with VO. The only part which is not accessible is the part that tracks hit points. For those I use an app called Tally counters. There are also some buttons which aren’t quite labeled , but I label them, and they are easy enough to work around. The app is free if you just want to use it as a character sheet for a character that has already been created using Hero Lab for the computer. You can purchase a license so you can create characters using the app. Hero Lab is a totally awesome app. I have been unable to rp for years, and now with Hero Lab on my iPad I can play again.

I would be interested in a game online if anyone wants to see ab out getting one started. Would be a great use of the new Facetime feature although 32 people is way too big of a party. That would be epic though I guess.

Hero Lab calculates a lot of your stats for you and has dice rolling built in also. I also use an app called Natural 20 for dice rolling.

As I stated earlier, Pathfinder, is open source, which means all the rules and information is available for free online. Check out the two following websites for more information. Also a link for Hero Lab’s developers.
Morzorak, my online handle is also the name of my favorite and one of my first Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition characters.




Please note, from what I have found Hero Lab online is not and most likely will not be accessible. I have not tried it yet as it has a subscription cost, so it is just a guess.

Hero Lab is only for the iPad, is not available for the iPhone, and I am unaware if it is available for the Mac.

I hope this helps. I can talk all day about this stuff, but I need coffee.
Dave “Morzorak” Matters ...

#3 Pathfinding

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Hey Dave, I'd be interested in the possibilities of getting a campaign over facetime, skype etc. started.
I played D and D in my youth, but it has been a long time.
As I stated in the D20 thread, I am trying to get our kids interested in RPG, and to that end, I've downloaded a starter .pdf called Hero Kids and I am going to try my hand as a GM.
I don't have an iPad, but I was thinking of just setting up some notepads on my laptop to track the game and keep notes. Hero Kids is a stripped down version of an RPG so the rules are fairly simple.
Hopefully, using the Natural D20 app you suggested and keeping notes on the laptop , I can run the game fairly smoothly.
Any tips or advice greatly appreciated.

#4 Pathfinder

Love it! I am sort of a newbie with path finder but have rped practically my whole long life and love it. I am I am admittedly a busy being but if it were a small game for a few hours a week I'd throw my hat into that ring.

#5 Accessible D&D Game

I was told, buy another player in a different game up, about and accessible hard cast for dungeons and dragons. Don’t know if you want to check it out or not. Other than that, I don’t have any idea. Hope it helps and good luck. ( sorry, that was supposed to be Pod Cast.)

#6 Dungeons and Dragons podcasts

I actually listen to several DnD podcasts. There is Critical Hit, Freeroll5, Opportunity Roll and This is going to hurt. Critical Hit is pretty good. This one has been around for 10 or so years. Several times it has done campaigns based on other systems. They have done Call of Kuthulu, Urban Shadows and they did a western campaign based on Pathfinder. Just do a search for dungeons and dragons in your podcast player and you can find them along with others. I listen to these because they are actively running campaigns.

Greg Wocher

#7 Just Finished A Campaign

Hey everyone,

I'd suggest using Dnd Beyond for character creation. It's not perfect and there are some sticking points in the character creation, but they can be overcome. Once you have your character sheet, view it on the webpage and copy and paste it into a text file. This is how I run NPC, editing the hp at the top etc.

There is also an app called fifth edition character sheet on the App Store which lets you build your characters and is mostly accessible.

As for dice rolling, I've written a script you can use:

set RN to (random number from 1 to 20) tell application "VoiceOver" to output RN

Copy this into your script editor, save it and then hop over to voiceover utility, make sure use scripts is on in the general section, then head down to commanders and assign a shortcut key. I use R to roll. It's also possible to add a rolling sound but I can't post the file here, but that's fun. Let me know if you want it.

Find us on twitter @MiddlonDnD if you want to go through any other tips and tricks with me. I'm very keen for everyone to have access to TTRPGs, they are great fun and, with a little work, are playable by everyone. Also, just a little self promotion, forgive me, the podcast of the campaign is on iTunes

Happy gaming and look forward to talking with you.

#8 Rolling dice

I have often simply had Siri, Alexa, and/or Google roll dice for me.

Usually you can just say “trigger word” roll a “d” whatever and they will do it. I just tested it and Google and Alexa will roll multiple dice, like 2d6. Siri was however not quite accommodating .

#9 Dungeon Adventure

Partially off topic, if you have an Echo device, there is an rpg skill called Dungeon Adventure. Just have Alexa start/launch/open Dungeon Adventure. It. Is pretty cool.

#10 Accessible DnD Apps

The best app for this I know is RPG Scribe, they have one for Pathfinder and 3.5 DnD and I believe they have a 5E edition app as well. RPG Scribe lets you create characters of many sorts but not let you roll dice in the app, but it is a great tool for keeping track of your character sheets.

#11 Dungeon Sounds

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I was poking around on my Echo, and found the skill named Dungeon Sounds, it is pretty cool. Just say enable dungeon sounds and away you go.
Pretty slick ambient sounds for your gaming sessions.

#12 online playing

I'd really like a small group, like 4 or 5 people. I'd like to DM but I am still too new to know the rules. I can do the stories though! I could do a Wednesday evening after work if anyone is game.

#13 Getting a game going

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I too am interested in trying a game out, as Dave suggested, possibly via FaceTime. I'm not sure how much leeway we have here, since this doesn't necessarily seem to be on topic for AppleVis, but feel free to email if anyone wants to explore the possibilities of getting a game going. Email is: blindadrenaline at gmail dot com

#14 Playing Pathfinder over the Internet

Anyone interested in an online game of Pathfinder send me an email I will compile a list of people interested. Please include days and times you would be available. Also include how often you are interested in playing. I will give it a couple of days for interested parties to email and then if nothing else, forward the names and emails to everyone else and see what we can get put together. Also put in the email if you are wanting or interested in being the game master. Email with the subject of internet pathfinder to Dave ...