Is there any software to read text without subscription?

I am writing a book and would like an app to read it to me. I have tried Capti but the thing with that is that you have to subscribe wich does not work with me being restricted to gift cards. Is there an app like this. I could use VoiceOver. to do this but then I will have to put on do not disturb because otherwise I get interupted with VoiceOver reading the notification. That is why I need such an app.


A couple of options

There are two apps I can think of, they are not free, but would let you read back any file uploaded to them and one is geared for writing in.

Voice dream reader and writer, reader can upload any text file, heck even audio files and such, and play it back with the text to speech engines in the app at variable speeds, with a quick hit of play/pause on a set of earpods you can pause it whenever you want and the like.

Voice dream writer is geared for writing and can read out your typed out work. If you want your phone on do not disturb while working, this can work without the phone interrupting you since both play the file like an audio file. Both are very customizable to change pronunciations and the like as well.

Good luck!

The only big restriction

If you're writing a book, the only big restriction with Voice Dream Writer is its baffling inability to import formatted documents, so no pages, no word documents. It's the only real downside to an otherwise fantastic app. It can export formatted documents into a variety of different formats though.

try braigo

I've got an app that's free. It's called The Braigo Companion app. I've recommended it a few times before on here. You can upload DOCX., JPG., PNG., TXT. and if my memory serves me right, PDF. I use Braigo to read memes on Facebook, but I think it'd be good for this too.

I have a couple other apps, but I'm not sure how well they'd work for you. I'll give them to you anyway because they're free. You could try Seeing AI. or OCR Converts Photos Into Text. Here's why I'm unsure about it working for you. Also, bear in mind that you can do the same thing with Braigo as well. If you had the app or both on a secondary device, you could either use the apps to snap a screenshot of your book. Or you could also snap screenshots, keep them in your photos gallery, and upload the pics from there. For these 2 apps, you don't need an account. Braigo can link your Twitter, Facebook, and I think Google accounts to it. How I've got Braigo set up is I have an indivual account with them. But, I also linked my Facebook account, because I believed I had to. But, it works out that way. And with Seeing AI., it keeps the formatting. Hope this helps!