Is there a Mac equivalent to Frotz on iOS?

Hi. Is there something I can use on the Mac that is like Frotz on iOS and if there is, what is it called and is it accessible? Thank you.



Hey there. I use Zoom. It excepts most zcode stories and also supports tads and a couple other types of games. Is quite accessible. The only part i have trouble with is when you bring up ingame hint menues and that kind of thing. Not a deal breaker though. The link is
I hope that helps :)

Thank you.

Thank you. I will try that.

I mostly like Zoom, but gosh

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I mostly like Zoom, but gosh it freezes too much. I really hope that a good IF interpreter app and a good MUD client could one day be coded by the plenty of app developers on this site.

I stopped using Zoom

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i stopped using Zoom because of a number of bugs that have gone unfixed for a very long time. In particular, it has problems playing some of the original Infocom games from the 1980s, which I think is inexcusable for a Z-Machine interpreter.

You can install the UNIX version of Frotz for playing in the command line via the Terminal app, but that does not work well with VoiceOver. I have experimented with other interactive fiction interpreters, but I have yet to find any I like which work properly with VoiceOver. You would think this could be done relatively easily, but I guess there just isn't enough interest in the genre anymore.