Timecrest discussion and theories.

I created this thread so that people can discuss timeCrest and theories about the story.


Hi, I think

Hi, I love time crest. I’ve only played through twice, and I got the ending with Riley‘s death and when Ash sees his parents on the other side of the door or something like that. For some reason I think that ash‘s brother is in cahoots with the master of fire. Has anyone else got other endings or think that his brother is in cahoots?


Yeah, I think that Chronos and ignis are working together and I have a theory that may explain why.

My theory (spoilers included, you have been warned)

I'll highlight my spoilers with a tag so you know when to quickly swipe or click past it.

My theory is that as others have said, it is highly likely that Cronos and Ignis have some sort of conspiracy.
[spolier start]
After the death of Adam in the Tremble Caves, Cronos was not all intent on finding out who caused the destruction in Tremble Caves. He gave some encouragement to Adam's mom, but the way it sounded was not promising, almost generic in a way that said, "something's not right."
[spoiler end]
Heres some more evidence as to why I think this is likely.
[spoiler start]
After Riley's death caused by First Mage Ezra, if you get teleported from Valdor by Cronos, he'll later teleport you to Windsorhowl with the others.
Alternatively, you go with Roger to Windsorhowl immediately, and A.C. dies.
Either way, you'll get back to Timecrest, and there's a fire.
And now, this is what seems wrong. Where are the administrators? Wouldn't they put this to a stop? For goodness sake, Cronos where are you!
[spoiler end]
I have two different theories from here that connect tothe main one.
It is possible that 1) This fire was meant to happen, if Cronos did turn out to be conspiring with Ignis, or 2) The fire that was caused had nothing to do with any of them.
But then why couldn't
[spoiler start]
Roger put out the flames using his intended spell?
[spoiler end]
Maybe because Elise's puppet is stronger. Or, bingo! The fire that was made was probably out of magic. So, it's about 20 percent more likely, which was previously 50 percent, now 70 percent, that this fire was intentional.
This also probably explains why there's no sign of the admins or Cronos anywhere.

That's my theory for now, but who knows! We may find out in timecrest 3.

My theory

My theory is that Chronos and Ignis are working together because they both lost people they care about.
Ignis lost scarlet and chronos lost his parents.
Clearly, ignis knows revival magic, because the woman in the bone mask is his sister. Maybe Kronos is seeking ignis’s help because he wants to revive his parents?
I also think they’re working together because they want Revenge and they want to have a perfect world. Cronos wants a perfect world where humans can live in peace. Ignis want justice for his sister. It makes sense that they would be working together.
Let me know what you think of this theory.

I agree and spoilers

I completely agree about the whole fire situation. And also if you get the ending where a. See dies, Kronos and the master of fire are standing next to each other and I don’t remember who open the door where Ash’s parents are calling him. And has anyone noticed how Elise reacts to riley’s death? I find it strange. I feel like they’re related in a way or have some interesting history. I’m excited for time crest 3.

I second your point X2. I've

I second your point X2. I've seen this ending twice in my play thrus of the game. I wonder the same thing after Riley's death and how Elise reacts. I too agree with the theory Chronos and Ignis are seeking revenge. We'll have to see what happens in Timecrest III.

Major spoilers

Elise’s name isn’t actually elise. It’s annalise valdor

Need help with memory oracle

I already have Elise’s and Ezra’s memories unlocked, and I was wondering if anyone could help with the others.
Roger has taken me to meet Sara. Am I missing anything since I have the language filter on? How do I find Allen during the fire?
I have Ryly’s letter in Chapter 4 and decided to follow Patora to Ion only to be ambushed. I thought the Voldorian symbols would have something to do with it.
I found out that A.C. Knows a girl named Iris, he has powerful lightning magic, and he recognizes other things that have something to do with his lost memories. I tried talking with Oliver Crane during the fire, but he put up a force field.
What should I do differently?

How do you unlock

How do you unlock a memory oracle? I’ve tried but I couldn’t find it. It’s probably obvious but I can’t find it lol. And what up with the Connor kid. He killed his team in the caves and tried to kill Ash and his team. And remember when he was looking up ashes watch in the library? Does anyone think he has a role to play? O and is it just me? Or does Riley feel something for Ash? Or do you think for his brother?

Memory oracle

In the memory oracle, you have two things. Void crystals, and memory remnants. Each time you go to the next chapter, you gain a memory remnant.
Void crystals are gain whenever you use a teleport orb. you gain a memory whenever you combine a void crystal and a memory remnant. You can combine them by pressing the memory oracle button and then pressing the combine button. Keep in mind that you can only combine them if you have one void Crystal and one memory remnant.
There is another feature of the memory oracle, called crafting. This lets you disenchant memories that you don’t want into essences that you can use to create memories that you do want. you need 300 essences to create a memory of everyone except Ezra. You need 600 essences to create a memory of him because his memories are rare.
I hope this helps.

Is Ash even Male

I got the impression Ash's gender was left purposefully ambiguous. It's been probably a year and a half since I played this, but I recall wondering about this.


Ash can be whatever you want him to be. I think he is male.

Ash from my perspective

I also believe Ash is male from my perspective.
spoiler: Allison said something about probably finding a girl someday.
Then again, it's all about imagination when it comes to roleplay. :)

I agree

I agree with the whole Ash being a male. I don’t know, but I get male vibes from him, but that’s just me. It’s like the above comments said, it all comes down to imagination in the role play world.