Trackpad commander gestures, anyone have a complete list?

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I have a MacBook Pro, which has a trackpad. When I took a look at the trackpad commander, it looked like there is over 200 different possible gestures, most of them can be assigned. I am interested in using the trackpad as much as possible because using the arrow keys is starting to give my wrist and arm problems. Does anyone have a customized list of gestures that is easy to remember and use?


track pad gestures

Most of the gestures that you use on iOS you can use them on the mac. For example turning the trackpad right and left with two fingers will turn the rotor from words headings to links and other rotor options just like in iOS. Another example is when you want to open a item just double tap it. Another trackpad that is also with iOS can be used on the mac this gesture allows you to mute and unmute speech just tap the trackpad two times with three fingers. To turn on and off screen curtain just tap the track pad three times with three fingers.

track pad commander gestures

To turn on the track pad hold down control and option and then turn the track pad to the right with two fingers. To turn the track pad off with the control and option keys held down turn the track pad to the left with two fingers.