Trouble with the mail app in IOS 10 on an iPad air 2

I am having some issues with the latest IOS update. First, even though I have the preview email set to about 5 lines, there is no preview when I scroll through my emails. Secondly, whenever I open an email, Voiceover focuses on the back button so I have to scroll through all the preliminaries to get to the actual email. This is very annoying and time consuming.

Also, I notice that I cannot read back what I am writing here without turning on quick navigation. If I try to read this edit field with quick nav off, there is no feedback at all from voiceover.
any help that any of you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much.

I am on an iPad Air 2.


Sounds good!

I tried that and it worked. Thanks much Joann. Now, would you happen to know why when I open an email Voiceover focuses on the back button all the way at the top so that I have to scroll down past all the preliminaries to the actual email? Is this happening to you or anyone else?

Also is it just me that has to turn quicknav on in order to read edit fields like this one?

As you can imagine, if I changed my mind and wanted to take out a word or add another word, it wouldn't be easy. Oh and by the way I'm only talking about edit fields on websites like this one. Edit fields in apps like pages or notes work fine.

How did you know that?

Hi Joann,
Where or how did you find out about the three finger single tap to preview email messages? Is there some kind of more advanced user guide out there that I don't know anything about? Is this user guide geared more specifically to the iPad air 2?

An Apple Vis Podcastand E-mail Voice Over Tip

Here is the link to the Apple Vis podcast episode where I learned how to preview each mail message.

Please let me know if the link doesn't work.

I find it very handy when you are inside an e-mail message that has more than one response to it there is messages setting in the Voice Over router that will bring you to the beginning of each response.

I hope this helps!


Thank you for your help.

Hi Joanne,
thanks for taking the time to help me out. I will check out the link you posted. I did notice that now the rooter has a new option called messages and I already noticed what it does. It is really cool. I like it. I was talking about emails that don't have multiple responses.

Actually, once I put my iPad in landscape mode, I have to touch the right side of the screen to read the email. this is better than having to scroll through all the preliminaries to get to the email.

You're Welcome!

You are welcome! Glad I was able to help! Have a good day!