turning off automatic checking for emails

Hi, how do I turn off auto checking for emails? I want it to check only when I tell it to.


Fetching new mail

Open Settings, scroll down to Mail and activate it.
Double-tap Accounts.
Scroll down to "Fetch New Mail" and turn it off.

Thank you. Can I also turn

Thank you. Can I also turn off threaded view? Do you know the keyboard command to check for new mail when I want to have it check?

Threaded view

Threaded View is one of the configurable options in the main Mail page. Open Settings and activate Mail. It's about halfway down that screen.

I don't know any of the keyboard commands for Mail. I use the touch screen.

Thank you for your help maybe

Thank you for your help maybe someone will know the keyboard command I will be getting my new I phone soon and am trying to gather all the knowledge I can.