Very low volume when connecting Apple TV to blutooth speaker

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I just got an Apple TV 4K, and thought I'd connect it to the echo dot in my living room via Bluetooth since the Echo dot is connected to a pair of Bose Mediamate speakers. This setup worked great with my 4th generation Apple TV, and is working very well on a similar setup I have in my bedroom. Anyway, when I paired the Apple TV 4K to the echo dot, I didn't hear anything. I've tried pressing the volume up many, many times, but it makes no difference. Anyway, if I go over and manually turn up the media speakers to almost maximum, I can almost hear the Apple TV 4K's output, but sound from the echo is way, way too loud, so that is not a long-term solution. Does anyone know if this is a bug with the apple tv 4K, or is anyone aware of a work-around? I'm about to try a bit of trouble shooting by seeing if the bose soundlink color I'm using in the bedroom has the same issue with the apple tv 4K. I'm trying to contact Apple, but I think their phones are having issues today. Thanks in advance for any assistance any of you may be able to provide. It is extremely appreciated.



Submitted by Missy Hoppe on Monday, March 5, 2018

This is the first time I have ever been thoroughly annoyed by Apple support. I respect that they need to trouble-shoot, but this was ridiculous. He made me reset my apple tv 4K, and then I had to set it up manually. Not difficult, of course, but somewhat time consuming, and, as I suspected, it accomplished absolutely nothing. When he called back, he wanted me to run diagnostics to send them. Of course, I'm delighted to do that, but the command he gave, the play button and volume down, didn't work at all; all it said was "choose music" He had me do it at least 10 times, even though I told him it wasn't doing anything different. So then, he wanted me to take the apple tv 4K to my local apple store. For a variety of reasons, that's not even remotely an option right now, and I know that it would just end up being another tremendous waste of time. He said he'd try to report it anyway, and supposedly, he'll call back on Wednesday. I'm just thankful that connecting to Bluetooth audio isn't something I truly, truly need. If it was, this would be a lot more frustrating than it already is. If anyone else out there has experienced this, please, please let Apple know, or if you found a fix, please let me know about it.