Twitter 6.0 and iPhone 5

When my IPhone5 updated twitter app to 6.0 it just didn't work as voiceover seemed not to have focus on anything regardoless of what tab you touched or message you tried to tap on. I unloaded twitter and reinstalled it and it worked with I assume the older version until it updated automatically to 6.0 again. My two questions are 1. Is there a simple work around for this? And if not, 2. Is there a way to isolate an app so that when you download it and the older version works it does not automatically upate the app but contiunes to update the apps you want updated or is it all one way or the other for all apps.



Hey there! To get the old version of twitter back, you have to delete and reinstall the app. But before u do that, u have to have your automatic updates switched off. To do that, tap the settings icon, then tap itunes and appstore, then make sure the automatic updates is switched off. I hope it works!

After you've turned off your

After you've turned off your automatic updates and reinstalled the old version successfully do you have to leave your automatic updates off permanently for this to stay as is or can you turn on the auto update feature without fear of twitter being updated?

Splash Screen and Automatic Update

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Hello there, Yes, you will have to leave the Automatic Update turned OFF if you do not want anything to be updated. From this point and on. You will need to manually update the apps that are ready to for an update in the AppStore -> Update tab. As for the Splash Screen that is displayed. When this is up. You will be unable to do anything until this has been closed. You will need to have a sighted friend to help you out to close this. For me it was a one time thing. There is a Splash Screen that is displayed towards down the screen bottom. I say about 70% down the screen. You will need to use your finger and touch around to find it. Flicking to the left or right will not show you this Splash Screen. I was told there is a Close button on the Splash Screen. Unfortunetly, I was unable to find it on my own. It appears the Close button is not VO accessible. So if anyone has found a way to get through this part with out sighted friends to close this for you. Please share your solution in how you were able to close the Splash Screen so others may be able to do this on their own. HTH

Getting rid of the Splash screen independently.

Hello, All I had to do to bypass the splash screen was uninstall then redownload the app. After that open twitter, wait a second to be sure it loaded, then you will find a close button that is VO accessible. Once you have tapped this, twitter 6.0 is very user-friendly. I hope this helps.

This is not the first time

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This is not the first time apps with splash screens have been inaccessible with Voiceover. App developers and Apple should become aware of whatever they're using for these features. Direct TV is a great example. An inaccessible splash screen, and a user could be fooled into thinking the app is entirely inaccessible. Luckily, if you uninstall and reinstall Twitter, its close button is accessible.

Splash Display Solution

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Hello All, The fine folks of the Twitter Accessibility Team have responded back in how one can pass and close this splash display. So if you are those that are still stuck with this problem. Do the following suggestion by the Twitter Accessibility team. "If you explore by touch to the lower portion of screen and then use 3-finger swipe left/right, you should be able to pass thru the intro screens onto the main app." So many thanks to the Twitter Accessibility Team in helping us on this problem. They have also mentioned that they are working on making those splash display easier to use in future releases. HTH