unjailbreaking an apple device

Hi, I am wondering how to unjailbreak my iPhone 4s if any problem acurres. can somebody tell me how it's done? Thank you.


Why not do what I did the

Why not do what I did the last time I did this. I put the phoen in dfu mode and restored to at the time it was ios 7.x. this will work. Just be sure you have a back up of yoru last good configuration and apps and sturff before you jail broke in the first place.

Good luck.


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Hi. It's easy. Just plug the iPhone into iTunes and Restore it. Alternatively, go to Settings>General>Reset>EraseAllContentAndSettings, which will also restore the phone.
Make sure to do a back up to either iTunes or iCloud first if you want to restore all your messages, settings and apps etc.

Hi, I have heard that

Hi, I have heard that restoring the phone does not work. I don't exactly know if it's true or not, but if it's true can you confirm it so I can be sure?

don't use erase all settings and data

Do not use the erase all settings and data options under settings/reset.
I did this once and put my phone in a boot loop.
The way I fixed it was to force restart my phone.
This doesn't restore your device because the jailbreak process changes some files which messes up the restore feature.
If you want to go back to stock iOS, just connect to iTunes and choose to restore your iPhone.
The ipsw installer will download and your device will be wiped and stock iOS will be installed.
I have done this several times so know it works.