An update regarding FEER the game of running blind

App Developer

Dear friends of FEER,

we are very flattered and honored, seeing the news to be shortlisted for the Hall of Fame.
So we´d like to share a little news, what happened this year from our side.

FEER was designed to meet the standards of smartphone gaming for both visual impaired and cited gamers.
From your side, the visual impaired community, we had much support, what encouraged us to translate the game
into other languages, than german and english. So spanish, french and italian language support was built-in.
Before christmas we updated the game with a new theme "the factory", including the bridges, you remember well, don´t you.

But the idea of sharing and playing together with cited people did a little short. For sales and marketing
this was a major dropdown. Since we are a small company we had to reach out for other projects to make a living.
And this occupied our ressources for going on with FEER. We are into several other projects envolved, like a scientific escape room,
a multiplayer game, called For Four.

But we have plans for a new game, but in the baby steps of developing.
best hansjörg from FEER


#1 Ttranslating to hebrew

Hi, i would like to ask if you are plan to translate to hebrew? I will happy to help with this in volunteer.

#2 So has feer

So has feer been discontinued?

#3 No

App Developer

Feer is still available on Appstore and running on current IOS.
So maybe i did not get your point.

best Hansjörg from FEER

#4 offline

Would like to know if this game can be playeday offline. I understand that I cannot do the leaderboards offline but does gameplay work.E

#5 Yes

App Developer

as you said network connection is only needed for leaderboard and updates.

#6 new game

hello are we able to know more about your new game at all? shame no more themes will be developed for feer

#7 I meant

I meant to ask if feer will still get updates.

#8 I am wondering about the same

I am wondering about the same thing as well because this game hasn’t had any updates for months

#9 Yes

App Developer

There have been no new themes recently. But not many of you did download the factory theme.
If you all want to have FEER updated and stuffed with additional themes,
it is also up to you, to invite people and spread the news.

#10 Still love this game

The subject line says it all. I play this game almost every day. I recommend anyone who hasn't done so already to give it a try.

#11 If it isn't broke...

Game is working fine and still enjoyable. I've played the factory theme so much that now I have more trouble playing the original forest theme. The youtube videos are a good way to show people the game, I've done this when people don't understand the concept of an audio game.

#12 Question on sliding

In my current mission I gotta slide 15 times.
Can someone please tell me what a slide relates to in the game? Is it when I duck a raven? Thanks!

#13 Yes, sliding means ducking

Mike is correct on that, sliding is indeed ducking. Also for those who haven't ordered/downloaded the factory, your achievements are one and the same across the different games.

#14 Saving game progress

OK, so I heard before that when you play the game, the data was stored locally on your device. In that case, there would be no way to transfer it to another device right? Well, somehow it transferred to my new phone. Does anyone know why that happened? And if so, how I can make it happen again? Because I have no idea how I did that.

#15 Game progress

If you make a backup with your device, your game progress is saved in iCloud. That is cool.

#16 Yeigh

Thank gosh, now I don’t need to start over from the beginning. I wasn’t really looking forward to that.

#17 response to poster 16

i had no clue if you made a backup of device changes would be saved to icloud, but supposed you chose to back device up to a local pc instead of icloud, doesgame progress still get saved?

#18 can you tell us more about....

can you tell us more about your up coming game.
waht kind of games it will be.
and how's the progress rightnow?

#19 Backing up on a computer

That’s actually what I did, backing up my phone to my computer. I have a Mac, but I bet it would work the same on a PC. PC.

#20 Having a lot of fun doing a youtube video of this game

I did a game play recording about this game. It is NOT a podcast, just a gameplay recording. You can find it here:

#21 Nice video, Sabrina

I just listened to the video and you did a terrific job. I believe you are on my friends list. My username is Applegamer.

#22 Applegamer

I have you at my friendlist @Applegamer. My username is Slaughter.
And Sabrina I have you too.

#23 Good Job

App Developer

Thank you Sabrina for sharing your youtube video. We are glad you all enjoy still playing FEER. We are claiming for a fund for our next fully accessible game, so keep fingers crossed, we get it, we keep you updated.
best hansjörg

#24 Glad you like it

I could have gone further if it wouldn't be because of that stupid reminder. It killed me because it made me fail a blade that cut me into pieces. I am going to level up some and then I will make a video while trying to beat myc high score because right now I don>'t understand how I made that score.

#25 yeah I have both of you on my

yeah I have both of you on my friends board and you have better names with more fantasy and I just have my name. :-)

#26 I

Anybody want to be friends on Feer

#27 My username is emilychia

My username is emilychia

#28 havn't played

Dang, haven't played that game in ages, one of those games though which i'm willing to pay for, still hooks me sometimes, hope we see more scenarios with special conditions in the future.

#29 to Sabrina

Hi Sabrina,

I loved your video! I'm curious, how were you able to record like that? I'd like to try and do that sometime.