Update to Safari in Mountain Lion screws it all

I updated Safari and I don't like it at all. Now the window is similar to Google Chrome's, and Voiceover reads things differently. When in facebook, I used to activate the heading list and check all the news on my wall. Now I simply can't do that, half of the headings are not read, but if you go element per element they are there. It is impossible, but is there a way to downgrade Safari? As you can see Mavericks is not the only problematic thing, Apple is forgeting accessibility.



Hi. I don't know what to tell ya on this, except if you have an earlier backup, then use it. They are definitely not forgetting accessibility here. I have upgraded to Mavericks on the day it came out and have had no real issues since. Sure, there's bugs, there will always be bugs, but it seems like mavericks is smoother, and if you love performance, then mavericks definitely has more enhancements.


I think I will restore from a Time Machine backup. Any ideas on how to do this with Voiceover? Once I restart and press command plus R there will be no voice response, I think.


Once ya restart with the CMD+R keystroke, press the CMD+F5 to launch a temporary copy of VoiceOver, using the "fred" voice. Then, you can select your options from the recovery partition. I think that is how it works, but don't quote me on this.

I did it

That's exactly how I did it, and now I have a restored backup from October 23th. I have to reset some thing but Safari is now downgraded. Thanks

O boy

I updated my Safari this morning, but obviously before seeing this fourm post. I haven't had the chance to play around with it yet. I have no backup, so I can only hope for the best. I've only had a mac since march, so I'm waiting before I upgrade to Mavericks.

safari in mountainlion

safari in Mavericks seems like a more stable web browser, compared to when we used it in mountain lion. It seems like tree aren't as many glitches with this as there were in previous versions of safari. As stated in previous posts, Mavericks is a pretty good leap forward in terms of VoiceOver and accessibility, or at least that's what I am seeing right now.