Updating App Entries - Please Help

Is there a quick way to see what app entries you have posted so that you can easily go through and update them? When I look on the "My Profile" section, the only thing I can find is a list of all activity I've had on the website. I'm looking specifically for a list of the app directory entries that I've submitted. If there isn't one, would AppleVis consider putting this into the account options? It would make it much faster to go through and update old app entries for those of us who are very active on the site. Thanks for your consideration.


Main search function

If you login then use the main search function, type in the app name and make the filter to search whichever app directory you posted it in, click on it, then click edit. That would be the easiest way for me

Food for thought

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There is currently no way to filter the list of your posts to only show specific types. However, as we want to do whatever we can to make it easy for people to keep App Directory entries up-to-date (smile), I'll have a look at possible ways that we might add this functionality.


Thank you for giving this some consideration. I have done a few dozen entries since I've been a member and frankly can't recall all of them but want to be able to give this forum the best chance at staying up-to-date!

I also like that idea. I've

I also like that idea. I've made perhaps hundreds of entries over the past 3 years and filtering them would be a good idea. lol! Tc all and be blessed.

My Posts version 0.1 released (smile)

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If you now go to your account page (www.applevis.com/user/me), you should see a new tab titled 'My Posts'. This lists all of your posts (not comments). You can filter these to show only certain types or just those which have new comments. You can also sort the list according to the original post date or the date of the last update - these can be either oldest or newest first. For now, this is only … well, lets say a beta, so don't be surprised if things change over the next few days (smile) If you encounter any problems with this page, please be sure to let me know.

All change again

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I've now done some more work on this. The most important change, is that you will now access this via the 'Activity' tab on your account page. You will find 2 separate lists available from that page - one shows all of your posts, the second all of your comments. You have various options for filtering and sorting each of these lists. Not only can you do this on your own account page, but if you are logged in you have the same options for viewing the profiles of other users. Unless somebody finds a major problem, I probably won't do much more than some minor tweaking. I hope that you find this useful.


I just wanted to say that I think this is a great idea, and thanks for all you do on this site!! :)

Fantastic, thank you

This looks great. I will get cracking on updates as I can now see I have quite a few to do!