Upgrading to IOS 7

Greetings all, I am a new user of Apple products, I bought my Iphone 5 about one week ago. I have IOS 6, and I was thinking to upgrade to 7. I did some research on this site, but I couldn't make a clear picture about what is new, what is better, what are the new bugs and what is different in IOS 7 from IOS 6. Could someone please post here what are the differences, the improvements and the bugs in 7? Thank you, Sorin


iOS6 vs iOS7

Hi Sorin I'm understood who you are new on the apple devices and software and wellcome to the apple world. you said have an iPhone 5 that's great, could you get more details as what exacly iOS version are you running on your iPhone I will tell you why? first to see the iOS version that you have running just go to #1 open settings app on your iPhone #2 if you have knowledge about the voiceOver Gestures do flick right it mean's move to the next item untill reach General press double tap on it #3 look and select about this option is located on the top press double tap on it and you could find easier the information there directly on your device. okay Sorin between iOS6 and iOS 7 there are many changes don't get me wrong if I say which is better or bad iOS 7 has a new interface that is the newer version the current version is iOS7.02 and has many voiceOver bugs it mean's is going to be a little harderst but not impossible using voiceOver why because it is verly new. there are many features new gestures but all depend what do you need now. about iOS 6 will be possible who you have running iOS6.14 that is great version is very stable using voiceOver but it is because iOS6.14 was the last release of the version. now you will could find many differences netween both versions. many features on iOS7 aren't find on iOS6 so it is up to you. you have 2 hands left or right and both versions have pros and coms.

a clear explanation of new stuff and differences in iOS 7

Hi. There's a post that outlines the new features and bugs in iOS 7. There's a lot there, so to get this down into something a little more manageable, I'll outline a few things you'll want to know right away. Firstly, Apps will update automaticly. In one sense it's good but in another if an app update breaks accessibility for VoiceOver, you won't have a chance to avoid the update. You can turn this feature off if you don't want that. Also, there are new Siri voices and you can choose a male or female gender for it, which is a nice new feature. The only bug people are really noticing is that on some, not all but some phones, the touch screen is a bit more sensitive, meaning that if you perform a gesture, VoiceOver will announce that action and you'll end up doing the same thing twice. It doesn't do it on all phones though, it didn't do it on mine I guess I just got lucky! But these bugs will be fixed. This is a completely new operating system so bugs take time to get squashed. I hope some of what I said helped here. Yes I know people will chime in with stuff I forgot but I'm trying to keep this brief.

upgrading to iOS seven

Here are some new features in iOS 7 first there are new accessibility features such as the new siri voices there is also a handwriting feature witch isuseful if you know handwriting you can draw a letter to locate a app and and access other areas in iOS. You can also use containers to access other areas of a app like mail you can access other areas of mail with containers.

upgrading to IOS 7

I would recommend a podcast by David Woodbridge demonstrating some of the new features - not sure if the podcast is posted here at Applevis, but I pasted the link below to Main menu where I listened to it, I found it very helpful and David s demo is done on an iPhone 5 like yours. I hear of different bugs that are specific to the device type, I myself am using an iPhone 4 and have found some bugs that I consider very minor and that should be fixed by Apple, otherwise I like IoS 7 better than any of the previous versions. Hope the podcast helps you decide. http://mainmenu.acbradio.org/viewshow.php?showid=271