Using Control Centre to Select Airplay to an Airport Express

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Since upgrading to IOS 10, I cannot use Control Centre to select airplay to my Airport Express. The only option showing is Mirroring to my Apple TV. The only way I can airplay to Airport is to choose Airplay within another app such as Audible or Downcast. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Thanks.


Here's what you do.

I was confused when I first tried to do this I had to Google it and this is what I found out. Ignore what you see on page 1 of the control panel, swipe to page 2 of the control panel, and then you will find the player. Somewhere towards the top of the player you'll see a button that says iPhone, or it may say headphones depending on what you're listening to at the time. Double tap that button and there you find the choyce for airplay, I hope this helps.