Using Garage Band with VoiceOver

I've been trying to learn how to use Garage Band with VoiceOver, however, there was only so much I could learn myself by just looking around the application. I was wondering if there's any help available online for VO Garage Band users. Like tutorials or written guides?
Does anyone know of anything that could be helpful?


#51 Access Documentation for Many GarageBand Effects Plug-Ins

Access Documentation for Many GarageBand Effects Plug-Ins

Have you ever wanted to use Amp Designer but didn't know what all the controls did? How about EQ, compressor, reverb? Documentation for all these effects and more is available.

GarageBand uses many of the same effects plug-ins as does Logic Pro X.

Go to the following Logic Pro X support page:

Logic Pro X - Official Apple Support text

Locate the following heading:

heading level 2 User Guides

Logic Pro X Effects User Guide (EPUB book)
Logic Pro X Effects User Guide (web link)

Note: The other available user's guides are more specific to Logic. However, the effects user's guide is very relevant to GarageBand.

#52 Garage Band Interface with MIDI

I am running MIDI on my system; I've been using QWS sequencer for Windows, a Casio WK3700 keyboard, and an Alesis SR-16 drum machine. My iDevice is an iPhone 6 with 128 GB memory. Would Garage Band work with the hardware I have, or would I be better off staying with some kind of Windows-based sequencer? QWS works great except for the fact that is won't properly sync with my drum machine.

#53 GarageBand Interface with MIDI


I assume that you are talking about GarageBand on the Mac.

When using GarageBand, GarageBand would replace your sequencer and your drum machine. Your keyboard should be fine. Newer keyboards have USB MIDI interfaces that connect directly to the Mac via an available USB port.

You may already know this but I'll mention it anyway. If you want a sequencer and a drum machine to operate in sync, One of them must be set as master and the other as slave. This is referring to MIDI clock/timing code, or however it is specified on your devices.