using iPad or iPod touch with braille-only

With iOS, is it possible to copy text off the internet, paste it into a notes app of some kind, place the iOS device in your pocket or backpack and control it completely using braille only with speech and sounds shut off and read those notes off in public as in when giving a speech or reading the bible publically in church? also with braille only and iOS like iPod touch or iPad, is there a notes app that lets you jump to different sections of your notes so you can find stuff easier for reading in public speaking situations?


#1 using iPad or iPod touch with braille-only

Yes you can control and read from an iOS device with braille only, you'd just put sound effects on your rotor, switch them off when needed and use the 3 finger double-tap to turn speech off. When that's done anything happening on the device will display without any audible feedback at all.