Using an iPhone as a multi trackpad for doing VoiceOver gestures on a Mac?

Hi all! First of all, I would really like to state my appriciation for this site and all it's users! I'm the new guy from Norway, and I just totally love the resources that's available here! Now to my question: I would really like to be able to use my iPhone as a multi trackpad to controll voiceover gestures on my mac when I'm not having it on my lap, for instance when I have it connected to my flatscreen. I bought a magic mouse, but that one, as I should have known, doesn't do the trick at all. I've tried some remote mouse-apps, but it seems that all they can do is move the cursor on my mac and do simple tasks, but none of them supports the multitouch gestures that you use with voiceover... Have any of you come across an app that can do this? That would be really neat... Thx in advance... PS: Sorry for my bad norwegian way of spelling your presious language! Those of you whos primary language is english, will probably be pulling your hair out by now! :) Lol


this should

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this should work the app in the app store is a paid app, it's called full control you need to install the server, full control helper, on the mac and then the paid app on the iPhone. It performs many tasks with mac, including multitouch trackpad this function needs voiceover to be turned off, but, I do not manage to use it as trackpad even if many other blind contacts of mine, say they manage to. I'll tell the developer of FullControl to come here if he wants to give you, us, some help I will not review "full control" app for now, because it needs some accessibility improvements I am waiting developer's answer so that I can know what to do

Thanks! I'll try that one out!

I guess that the issues conserning accessibility that you mention, has to do with the app not making yoour iPhone to be a fullscreen trackpad. That's one of the problems that I've had when checking out other apps like this. It allways has some buttons and stuff at the top and bottom of the screen that I accidently hit, and then suddenly I'm at some settings or I've brought up the keyboard or something like that. The ultimate solution would be a fullscreen multi trackpad-app, that you could shake the phone to get out of fullscreen or something like that... But I will try this out and see if I can manage to use it! Thanks again :)

yes, true full control is not

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yes, true full control is not a full-screen trackpad Now he's a little busy so he could not answer well Accessibility issues are some unlabelled parts regarding the feature to add customized commands, and the fact of the trackpad but we could ask the developer to perform this solution, toggleable via settings "full screen trackpad, shake to exit full screen mode" don't know if he can do it if you want to contact him you can from here be careful, there is a captcha. I hope you understand the audio alternative... i didn't!

Nope... Didn't work... I

Nope... Didn't work... I guess it works for moving the cursor around and clicking at stuff, because when i did move my finger and tapped somewhere on the screen, it opened my application folder on the mac.. But none of the multitouch voiceover gestures works. I tried going through the settings for the mac-server to see if I somehow had to enable multitouch, but couldn't find any options for that. So it's back to the drawing board... Or maybe appstore would be more correct! :) Too bad... I had a good feeling with this one...

Magic Trackpad

I own a macbook Pro early 2012 model. I bought a docking station, keyboard, and an external monitor for it. I was wondering if I should get the magic mouse or the magic trackpad to use with VoiceOver. I ended up getting the magic trackpad and it works great with VoiceOver gestures. I'd get that if I were you.


That's probably what I'm going to end up doing. Just thought it was a little expensive to get that one, if I could use a much cheeper app on my iPhone to do the same thing. I also think the magic trackpad is a bit big, but I guess I'll get use to it. Now, at least, I know that it will work with VO gestures, and that I wont waste my money on buying it, so thanks a lot for that knowledge! :)