Using multiple iPhones with one PC and iTunes

All, I know that by using multiple playlists, different music can be sent to different iPhones using the same iTunes music library. Is it also possible to prevent all of the apps on one iPhone to install on the other iPhone when both use the same iTunes on the same PC?

I was wondering whether it is necessary to set up different profiles on the same PC and whether, if I did that, two distinct iTunes libraries would be created. Or would I have to install iTunes twice if I wanted different profiles with different libraries?

Feel free to patronise me. I know very little about this subject.

Thanks very much if you are prepared to help me out.



No you don't have to set up two profiles.

Using multiple iPhones with one PC and iTunes

Hi That I understand it's possible using the same iTunes library of corse with the same PC you could have multiple devices with differents apps, music, ETCETERA I suggest use different name to each device per example Jr iPhone Jr iPod to evite don't get confuse always is possible if you have or if your iOS devices are tide at the same apple ID of course don't use using iTunes back Up on the first time because you hav the same data on yur new device I'm short on time if I could with more info I will back at the forum.