Uverse Easy Remote App

Is there a way to turn audio discription on using the Easy Remote App? I know the menues don't work with Voiceover but I don't know if it's possible to play around and try.


Extremely Difficult

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Unfortunetly, you can't do that from this app. Sadly, the Menu is quite inaccessible to allow us to do so. If you really wanted to. I suppose if you have a sighted friend step you through the process in how to do this. You would have to count a countless of up, left, left, down and etc to make this work. I almost say it would be almost impossible but I can't reule it out 100%.

Easy Remote useful but limited

I've been using this app for a while now, and I had hoped to contact the AT&T development department about its shortcomings. Unfortunately, no link or info on how to do this was obvious to me even after searching their website. So here goes in hopes it gets somewhere useful...

This is a handy app for finding a show in the Guide or in the list of things you've previously recorded.

I was also pleased to see that I was easily able to turn on "Closed captioning" for my mother. However, there is no such shortcut for switching to the SAP input to get described video.

Also, if you want to delete a recording, you must use the on-screen menu and your regular remote. If you haven't first gone all the way back to the app's Home screen you are thrown into a series of "Error: You must restart the app." dialogs.

When yyou've watched a recorded episode of a series you've recorded and you delete in the above manner, , you are sent to the top of the entire Recordings list after deletion instead of the next episode in thelist of episodes recorded for that series.

Thanks for listening.