vibrating time on iPhone

Hi AllDoes anyone know of an iPhone app that will let me tell time Via vibrations or haptics? I'd really like to find a way to tell time when watching TV or in busy or quiet environments when I don't want to disturb others etc. Thank you for any help.


would ,like to know too

Would like to know that too. As notification. I have several apps that will make sound but would like one that vibrates as a chime.

Apple Watch Has Built-In Vibration Time Detect

I am an Apple Watch user and I really enjoy having the vibration time feature. Here is how it works. When the screen is asleep, you take one finger and do a quick double tap. This will show the time as follows. If it is 9:15, the vibration pattern will be nine short vibrations, one long vibration, and five short vibrations. If it were 9:55, the pattern is nine short vibrations, five long vibrations, and five short vibrations. It may seem like it would take forever to tell the time but in actual use, it happens much faster than it takes to explain. If you already know the hour that you are in and just one the minutes, then you would do three quick taps on the watch face instead of two.

This is just one of the many features of the Apple watch that I really like.


Try Voice Over Clock

Try VO Clock. It has voice feedback, but you can flip the ringer switch that othe silent position and it will only vibrate.
You can pick the interval of the notification. If you set it to anywhere between 1-30 minutes, it will stop when the hour is over. If you set it to 30 or above, it will continue notifying you until you double tap on the stop button.
You can also control when it starts and ends. Make sure the notifications switch is on. Even though you allow notifications on first launch, you still need to switch the notifications of the time on.

Hope this helps!