viewing older messages

Hello everyone,
I needed some information in a text message which was sent two or so months ago. Unfortunately, when I tried looking in my messages app, it only showed message history to September 30, and I cannot figure out how to show older messages. Anyone know how this is done? This is under the current build of IOS.


Don't bother getting another app; this feature is already in iOS

This can be a little tricky to do at first, but once you've got the hang of things, you'll be fine.
1. Open the message thread you want to view.
2. Scroll to the top of the message thread. You will need to scroll by page, as just flicking to the first message on the screen won't actually scroll you to the top of the thread. So, scroll pages using a three-finger flick down until you hear "page 1 of" 14, for example.
3. Place your finger on the thread's heading, or the back button--just not on any of the messages, and flick right until you hear VoiceOver say "in progress".
4. Do a one-finger double-tap and hold, and slide your finger down the screen. Go as far down the screen as you'd like. This will scroll more pages into view. The farther down the screen you move your finger, the more pages you'll scroll into view.
5. Perform a three-finger swipe down, and keep checking the dates of the messages you come across. I've found that it's best to place your finger near the middle of the screen do do this, as flicking from the top of the screen usually makes you lose the pages you just scrolled into view with your one-finger double-tap and hold on the "in progress" thing.
6. Keep three-finger swiping down and touching the middle of the screen until you get to the approximate date you want, then just flick through the messages as normal.
7. If you need to scroll more pages into view again, just perform steps 2-4 again, performing step 5 as necessary.

Note that all the pages you scrolled into view will be hidden again when you close the thread, or go into another app, even if the Messages app is left open.


viewing older messages.

I tried viewing my older messages with various tricks. as I have configured my messages for one year time. But I couldn't get success. any other solutions or tricks please?


won't work

I've tried and these ways don't work. Please help