Virtual deck of cards

Anybody know of any generic deck of cards applications. Something that would allow me to see my cards and others to see their cars and have a shared card table to play the cards onto that I could play whatever game I wanted.


There are plenty of card

There are plenty of card games on iOs, but none that have just a deck and online play. The blindfold games and texas holdem apps would be the closest to what you want I'm pretty sure.

hi thanks for the response,

hi thanks for the response, however that’s not what I am looking for.
I want to be able to sit in a room with some sighted people and play cards with them if y’all had an app that we could use on our iPhone that would work.
I found an app that would work but it’s not accessible and I contacted to and he said reluctantly that he would not be able to make it accessible. It was something he developed a long time ago and it is not in a form that could be easily upgraded. The app is called iPlayingCards So I am looking for something similar that is accessible.
Thanks in the input would be great.

I bet the developer could

I bet the developer could make it accessible if he wanted to. You should contact the blindfold games guy. He's made dozens of card games, he probably has something coded already, maybe he would be willing to release it? I'll contact him too, maybe he could do that, I think it would benefit us all.

Good idea

Would be great to do this remotely. If you could set something like the number of players connected, deal x number of cards, and then have things like turn over a card or deal another card to each player or per person, or take card even. Simulate the actions one can do with a real pack. Take card, flip card, shuffle pack, split pack etc... Sounds quite involved now I think of it, but would be an excellent tool for people without sight, partially sighted and sited people to play.