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Hi all!
I have a piece of software that runs under windows that I really want to use. Is there a tutorial on this site that discusses how to get up and running with vmware fusion? I looked and didn't see one but maybe didn't dig deep enough.
Any help would be appreciated. I see that version 7 of fusion is the current version. is it accessible? I guess I'll use NVDA for my screenreader.


Totally Accessible

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Hi Jim,

I can confirm that Fusion 7 is completely accessible.
I use it with Windows 7 on a regular basis on my macbook Pro.

There is a podcast regarding the installation of Windows on Fusion on another site, but it is outdated.
Fusion makes the installation of Windows very user friendly, and the only configuration needed is the mapping of the applications, delete, and insert keys.

If you need any further help, just let me know.

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Hi! I have a version of

Hi! I have a version of Windows XP which I know is no longer supported but wonder if it would work with version 7 for testing purposes? I have a disk image. Do I just install from there and do I need to load narrator for windows? Where and how do I do that? Do you know of any basic documentation I can read to get the basics?
Haven't used Windows in years.Thanks,

Installing Windows XP

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Hi Jim,

When you open Fusion and add a new virtual machine, as it is called, there are a few options you can choose from.
One option is installing a virtual machine from a disk image, which I don't have personal experience with.
Primarily, I have installed versions of Windows using physical disks, but I don't imagine there would be a problem.

VMWare Fusion has a dedicated community created which offers a lot of information regarding compatibility and step by step instructions.

This is a link for the community:

This is a link for installing a virtual machine step by step from a disk image:

Note – the steps in the above link may be a little different in your version of Fusion, but their very similar.

Regarding the screen reader, I would recommend using NVDA or JAWS.
You don't need a screen reader during installation, it is all done by Fusion (in my experience).

Hope this helps,

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Hi Niall!

Hi Niall!
Thanks for the info. I'll check it out. So far when I install from disk image it just sits there and I get nothing after that. I guess nothing is ever really simple. Thanks again.

It will take about the same

It will take about the same time it takes to install windows ona physical drive, about 4 hours in my case.

Take care.

Another fusion question. I

Another fusion question. I have a copy of nvda on my mac volume. What's the best way to get it started on the windows side?

VM Fusion the missing step

Hi All
I must be missing one vital step. I get as far as Windows 10 X 64 and am able to put it into full screen mode but can't find a windows search box in which to type Narrator. I've tried Command Shift as a substitute for the windows Key, and also Command by itself. There's a jaws demo installed as well but I'm not sure which keys simulate Control alt J.

Any help greatly appreciated.


installing windows10 with VMware fusion8

hy, theres any one try installing windows10 using VMware fusion8??
first, should I using easy install mode before installing windows10?
whent I klik finish, kan I turn on narrator in windows10 installation screen?


VMware fusion 8 and easy install

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You want to use easy install when installing Windows. It simulates an unattended install based on the hardware profile and settings you tell Fusion to use. You wont be able to use narrator until the final signin screen appears, so you will have to sit in silence for a while. An easy way to tell if Windows is ready is to press Win+ENTER every so often. If narrator starts, you are good to go. 4 hours seems like a long time to wait since Windows Server 2012R2 only took 10 minutes to install.

pop up windows cerver 2012 option

hy, before I klik continue, I see pop up witch windows cerver 2012 option,
theres windows cerver 2012 R data center, windows cerver 2012 R data center cor, windows cerver 2012 standar, and windows cerver 2012 standar cor.
should I choes?