Vmware Fusion 5.02 Macbook Pro, Mountain lion unable to grab guest OS focus

Hi, I've got the above setup. I can not find documentation that gives me the Fusion keystrokes for things like grabbing Guest focus with the keyboard, and grabbing Host focus with the keyboard anywhere online, in the Fusion Help Files or on Twitter. Some people have suggested Command G but this isnt' working. FYI. I'm a Blind Microsoft IT Pro & IOS Power user who's just bought a MBP as the hardware is gorgious for use on my Microsoft Server 2008 R2 labs. I've used VMWARE Workstation for years but am new to Fusion. I'll be checking the other forum entrys for keymapping the caps-lock key and making the right hand side of the keyboard double up as a Numpad once I get into the VM, which is running.


vm full screen

Hi. The command i use is control+command+f. It seams to work for me. THen i press again when i want to turn voiceover back on. I hope this works for you.

Switching Focus Between Mac OS and Windows

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When you have the VMWare Fusion window focused in Mac OS, press Command+F5 to turn off Voiceover and then press Control+Command+F to switch audio, display and keyboard focus to Windows. When you're done working in Windows, press the Control and Alt keys together and release them to return focus to Mac OS, then press Command+F5 to turn VoiceOver back on. Hope this helps.

Speech in the windows environment

When you are in the Windows environment, do you set up a macro to start your Windows screen reader (in my case JAWS)? Also, is the Apple command key the PC alt key when in Windows? THanks