VO and capture codes

Hey guys, I've been looking at a way that I can download music for free for a while. I've found a good website, but the only problem is before you can download any song you have to enter a stupid annoying capture code, every time!!!! Is their a way to either bypass capture codes or to get VO to read the code? Some OCR software that I can copy and paste the image into maybe? Theirs no audio button to listen to the capture I forgot to mention, and as I download music a lot I don't wanna have sighted help for it all the time. Thanks for any help


Probably not

First, the proper term is CAPTCHA, spelled C, A, P, T, C, H, A, not capture. While OCR software might work on some codes, most are probably deliberately obscured enough to make OCR impossible. After all, if OCR worked on them, that would defeat the purpose, since then an automated computer program *could* solve them. So if there's no way to OCR them and there's no audio alternative, you're probably out of luck. Have you tried contacting the developers of the website to see if they'd consider adding an audio or text alternative? A text alternative would be a math or logic question worded in such a way that a human could answer it, but a computer program couldn't. Examples of easily-answerable questions that would probably stump a computer program would be: Is ice hot or cold? If you get your hair cut, is it longer or shorter than it was before? What is Tony's first name? If today is Friday, what is tomorrow? Which of these has keys: sink, banana, piano, toothbrush?

try out rumola

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Hi. did you mean for mac or iOS? if it's for mac, try out www.rumola.com it's a safari/firefox/chrome extension

Do you have to pay for this?

Do you have to pay for this service though? Haven't installed it yet because I don't have my Mac, I've just seem the appleVis email on my phone. Just not completely clear from the website details.

pay one euro and half for 150 captcha in 6 months

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hi, as the subject says, rumola asks a small fee. 150 captchas for 6 months are about 1,59 euro fee i do not think it's a high amount i read on the site a rumola lite for iOS but i think it does not work But, before paying, you have 10 free captcha credits if you register so you can try it out. I am not sure it works if the form's page contains just the captcha edit box and the submit button bye for now! Let me ask this question to the extension's producer and then I'll drop you a line here

U.s. prices and credits

Hi. I'm not sure where you live but the U.s. prices is 99 cents for I think it's 100 credits that expire in a year. the 150 the last person was talking about is two bucks I think. I registered and the free credits expire a day after you get them. I'm not so sure i'l stick with it to be honest but we'll see.


I live in the UK. I'll try and see what the UK prices are, I don't think they'll be too different.


I live in the UK. I'll try and see what the UK prices are, I don't think they'll be too different.

UK prices

Hi, I live in the UK. I'll have a look for the UK prices but I don't think they'll be a great deal of difference.