Voice turn by turn directions in Maps?

I upgraded to iOS 6.0. I understand one of the new features is a new Maps app that integrates with VoiceOver. I've calculated a root to a local POI, and hit the Start button. But when I walk, it never speaks anything. What do you have to do to get it to talk? The voice volume in Settings/Maps is set to normal volume. Thanks for any help.


voice guided turn by turn in maps

hi jason, this feature does not work in walking mode, it only works while driving. if you wanted to get voice guided turn by turn you would have to drive to the place.

IPhone maps walking mode

I also upgraded to iOS 6.0. I am ready to back a step because just prior to upgrading the O S, the walking mode was talking turn by turn and how many feet and which direction. I haven't used it since I had upgraded until today, what a disappointment! How do I go back to the previous O S? Thanks, Dan