voiceover and phone crashing.

Hi. I know this bug is known about, but how the heck do you fix it. My voiceover, and phone will just crash, to the point we have no sound at all, and no haptic feedback. Like it's turned off. Only way I can fix it, is to turn my voiceover off, then back on, hoping my braille display saves my butt! How can we stop it?


Hi Oliver,

Hi Oliver,
My thanks for a great comment. You're exactly right. Some of us are experiencing this, others are not. My friend, who has an iPhone Xr is not currently nor has he experienced this problem. People, keep reporting this, or don't. Reguardless of how much or little you paid for a device you will have issues, and just crack on as you said!

voiceover crashing

no we are not going to stop saying something until the problem gets fixed. apple isn't a can do no wrong company and just because a couple seem to have this notion they in question need to take business 101. I pay for a phone, I expect things to work, not lock up my phone to the point where i have to reboot to get things to work again.

Actually someone with some

Actually someone with some site said that voiceover appears to still be running, but the sounds are some how mutted, I dunno how I did this but I some how brought my volume up to 100 percent after the reboot or with otu rebooting, so there might be a work around with out rebooting. I dunno. I don't mind just beeing with out a phone for 15 seconds.

Hitting home and then turning

Hitting home and then turning VoiceOver off and then on again with a triple click of the home or side button, dependent on device, seems to help. This also fits with the previous comment so, by resetting VoiceOver it seems to help.

Let me know if this helps. Oh,

iPhone 8, IOS13.1.3

These Things Happen, But Apple Could Make It Easier To Deal

Hello all,
Bugs are definitely very frustrating things to deal with, especially ones that disable our access to the device.
The bug being discussed in this thread is comparable to a sighted person losing the entire screen display after they ended a call.
As it is, developers, engineers, managers, and everyone at Apple and any company are human. And we all know that humans aren't perfect. At least I have yet to meet a perfect one.
In this vein, it is understandable that bugs do happen, bugs will always happen, and sometimes, bugs won't get worked out because some managers told the developers and engineers that they were releasing the software regardless of its finished state for the sake of making money.

However, I do believe that there is one way that Apple could make this a lot easier for all of us. Allow downgrades.
If they would allow people to easily downgrade, then people could go back to the previous version that did not have a bug that bothered them, then upgrade to the latest version when that bug got fixed.
This is also unfortunately a double-edged sword, as it could cause many more people to remain on older versions of software that worked best for them, and security issues could be more wide-spread, and also, it could result in less people observing new bugs and reporting them, and thus introducing longer times to fix any particular bug.

At any rate, those are just my thoughts.
Keep reporting these bugs to Apple, and don't worry about bothering them over and over again. After all, they have locked us into their buggy software by not allowing the downgrade, so they really do need to publicly release a fix ASAP.

I believe that it is still

I believe that it is still possible to downgrade though it requires the use of a computer running iTunes or Mac OS 10.15. The instructions to do so can be found at this link.

Note, to do the option click on the 'restore' button, you need to first get the mouse focus on to the VO focus by pressing VO f5, then I turn off VoiceOver, command f5, hold the option key and click the mouse. Sadly, doing it this way will mean that you can only restore to a backup of iOS 12 therefore loosing any backups you may have made since upgrading to the unfortunately named IOS 13.

I like that approach

I agree. I can be patient for a bug fix without thinking that Apple can do no wrong, and I can be frustrated with Apple without being an ungrateful wretch.
As for the bug being discussed here, I've experienced it often, and find that if I invoke Siri, the chime sounds, and VO starts talking again. Maybe that could work for some others too.


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I agree with Adam M. An easier downgrade process would help in these situations. I am ok with connecting to computer, but I know others aren’t. I also wish that Apple wouldn’t commit releases to a hard deadline. I think this would make everybody happy. The sighted community is frustrated with Apple as well. There’s truth in quality and not quantity.
Oliver, no version of 12 is being signed now... unfortunately. We’re already on 4th public release of 13.

We're just like any other

We're just like any other Apple forum. Go read the comments on stories on Apple Insider or Mac Rumors. Many times the discussions quickly devolve into flame wars because people think their opinion is the only one that matters.

I do agree that we have every right to be frustrated by this bug, and that if an equivalent one affected sighted people, you can bet their would be a fix out within days. similar frustrating things happen in the mainstream community. Take the problems people have had with the butterfly keyboards on MacBooks for instance. Some people say it's not a big deal because it only affects a small number of people. But if you're one of those who it does affect, it doesn't matter how rare it is. It impeeds your ability to get your work done. I think that issue got enough coverage that Apple started a repair program for affected MB's.

I'm confident this VO and phone calls bug will be fixed though, hopefully in 13.2. I beta tested 13 and the first couple betas had some seriously annoying issues for me anyway. I was impressed with how those issues were fixed as new betas were released.


Hopefully apple learns from this mistake. With sighted people beeing discontent with this upgrade, hopefully apple learns that quality is better over quantity, and if an update needs to be releaced later than intended because its too buggy, so be it. Hoping they, as do all of us; learn from our mistakes

People can be hypocritical at times

I think that it’s interesting that some people scream bloody murder about an issue they’re experiencing. Then, those same people dismiss others who are experiencing completely different bugs.

I use this website as an information source. I generally use it as a reference point for bugs I’m testing out. But I wouldn’t ever ask for help from the vast majority of the individuals on this platform.

I just don’t trust that my experience or feedback would be valued. I simply work to reproduce bugs and report them directly to Apple. I don’t see the point of ‘should Be.’ I believe in providing information to relevant parties and maintaining a consistent dialogue with those relevant parties to help them fix an issue.

In some instances, I have a dialogue with Apple daily so they are aware how important fixing a particular bug is to me.

In an ideal world, everyone here would coordinate a plan of action. People might contact Apple as a unified voice as sighted people do when they want a bug fixed.

As it stands, only a few people bother reporting these types of voiceover issues.

and there it is

and there it is, people... The last poster said it perfectly. If we want change? Then lets speak up. We've been silent long enough. Some of us are more actively reporting bugs than others, but if we want things to improove, we cant just stay sitting on our asses and waiting for; the, ”select few,” people who bother to actually report bugs to do so. As someone who does this constantly, I'll say this from our side. It is neither our duty or obligation to do it, and neither should you think that... O because this and that reported this bug already, i won't do it. We won't achieve anything if this is the case. Learn to help yourselves, and don't rely on others to do it in your stead. If we want apple or other companies to take accessibility more seriously then we have to do our part; and I mean all of us. Not just the few who do so now. Why does apple fix bugs that sighted people report asap? Because they are united as one voice, so should we.


For some of us that is not even an option. We are using Series 5 watches with OS 6.

This is why I promptly

This is why I promptly dismiss the applevis forum posts and blogs about bugs. They to me are a waist of time, and I know they will be fixed. I did a scathing post on my periscope or was it merecat in 2014 on just how many bugs there were not in what ever iOs was out there, 9? I think? But in the 20 years I've ben beta testing I have never seen such a stable build and apple willing to fix so many fo our issues, but this is because those of us who know what we are doing submit the right stuff.