voiceover sound schemes

hi guys.
does anyone no of a sound skeemes for mac folder that I can get from a webisite. I am getting sick of the default ones.



Yes, I can give you some sound schemes.

For iPhone

does anyone know how to implement these soundSchemes on the iPhone? I know that you have to be jailbroken, but that's about all I know.

hi there guys, i'd be

hi there guys, i'd be interested in the same sound effects for mac because i'm done with the default sounds, your help would be appreciated thanks

you can go into the sound

you can go into the sound preferences and change the alert sounds. otherwise, that is it on the mac side of things. you can change the startup sound, but I am not exactly sure on how to do that, try doing a google search for how to change sound scheme on mac or something like that.


As Justin says, you can go to System Preferences, and change the sounds. however, the same can be done with VoiceOver, on the mac and the iPhone. On the mac, all you need is a mac sound scheme witch, if anyone wants, I can give you a link to download it. on the iPhone, you need to be jailbroken.

I'd love it too.

Hi, I'd love to get any VoiceOver Sound skeams as well.

A polite reminder ...

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A polite reminder that many of the sound schemes available online include files where the actual license holders will explicitly forbid their distribution and/or use in this way. So, please, no sharing of these files or links via AppleVis.