Volume of clicks when typing

Is there any way to increase the volume of the clicks one hears after typing in a letter or number? Sometimes these sounds verifying that I double tapped a character are obscured by background noises or VoiceOver speaking something. Thus I would like to increase the volume of these sounds.

I was listening to some friends type on their Android devices and the typing clikcs were very obvious yet non-intrusive.




Not that I know of

I would want that too. I only know one way and that is to turn voiceover volume to very low and then raising the volume high on your device.
I really wish there was a way and I would also wish there was a way to get those clicks when typing on a keyboard so that I can type without voice.

I have done the following:

Using your rotor, take the volume of VoiceOver down to 5% which is the minimum before going completely silent and That way, you will be able to listen to that clicks of the words or letters as you type. It's not much, but it has worked for me.

never tried this but

Hi. I've never tried this, but wouldn't toggling audio ducking off work? Just a thought.

Not audio ducking. :)

Hi. Sorry Dawn, it's not audio ducking, only because that's the first thing I turn off. I can not stand that. I wish the clicks for entering things were louder too. They changed I think in IOS10 just don't quote me. I haven't had coffee, so I could be wrong. I remember someone on here comparing it to farting which I thought hilarious. :) Maybe Apple will give us back he old sounds, or the new one, let us choose? Ah, so much to hope from a monopoly right?