Vote for the next FlickType Keyboard feature

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Hi all,

We'd love to get your input on what we should aim for with the next version of FlickType. Currently, we're faced with a choice between the half-screen option, and adding a yearly subscription option alongside the monthly one. Which one of those two additions are you most most eager to have? We'll prioritize according to the number of requests for each.

Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it!

Kosta and Ashley


My vote goes for a third option

Congrats on your success with taking over and reworking this app! :) You have done a fabolous job!
My vote goes to a third and very missed feature: Support for Norwegian keyboard and dictionary!
I would love to be able to use this app for everything I type every day, but unfortunately Norwegian isn’t among your supported languages yet, so I’m really looking forwards to the day you decide that it is worth implementing! :)
I was mostly kiding about my vote, I just took it as a good oportunity to give you a playfull poke from us potential laaarge number of norwegian users! :)
Take care, and keep up the good work!

My Vote!

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My vote would be for annual subscription. I was actually charged for you today. I have so many subscriptions that I have to check why bank alerted a charge.
I'd also vote on expanded emoji. Thanks for the dedication!!

Half keyboard

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I vote for half a keyboard. I see no reason why the keyboard should have to take up the whole screen. That's not a knock on you guys, but I actually find it easier to predict where letters will be when the keyboard is the same approximate size as the stock iOS keyboard. Thanks.

Half Keyboard

While I would love an annual, or even lifetime subscription, I am more intrigued with the idea of a half keyboard. Does this mean it would work better with things that use input to search in real time? For example, could I use it in the contact field of the Messages app to find a contact by starting to type the beginning of a name?

Without doubt, half size keyboard.

I would say this is the main missing feature and would make the keyboard far more usable. As at present the only way to get back to the screen behind the keyboard is to minimise it. This is cumbersome. Half size keyboard would make it equal to all of the keyboards from a navigation point of you. Thanks for a great app.

Half keyboard

Another vote for the half keyboard here. Thanks in advance.

My oppinion

I paid $100 for Fleksy some time ago, so I don’t consider myself stingy. Monthlhly rate is AU$1.46, too much. Let me buy it.

half screen keyboard

hello, annual subscription are great idea to, but I think the half screen keyboard solve my voice over lost of focus after I dismiss my keyboard specially in message app. After updating in v2.7 I notice some typing bugs in half screen but after I change it to almost full screen it solves my problem. Anyway very great app

Half Screen keyboard

A half screen keyboard will allow me to send a text without dismissing the keyboard right? That would be diggity if so. Great app!

Pricing fix please

I have a strong dislike for subscriptions, and I would happily pay a fair price for this tool. I would love a one-time purchase opportunity. I'd accept an annual option if no other choice remained. I really dislike the concept of monthly fees. The full screen keyboard has not negatively impacted my work, but I surely see why that is a necessary fix, but my vote is for pricing to be changed.

For my part, while I'd love

For my part, while I'd love to see both features eventually, a half screen keyboard would be much more useful over the long term.


App Developer

Hi All,

Thank you, very much, for your input. Both of these items are at the top of our list, but it sounds like, at least so far, there's an overwhelming majority that is voting for the half-screen option. We've made some good progress this week, finally getting a version 1 of the half-screen option to beta. There are some stability and reliability issues to be worked out, but we are trying hard to get a working version in everyone's hands as soon as possible. After we've completed the half-screen we will focus on getting a yearly subscription option to all of you.

Thanks for the feedback and support!

Ashley and Kosta

Half is great!

Hi Kosta and Ashley!
Half screen all the way for me!
I also loved that feature when Fleksy was alive back then and would love to sea that back again!
I'll update my beta copy now to see how that is going.
Also I had trouble getting the paid subscription while under test flight. If I download the app its going to replace my copy from Test flight and I'm guessing I don't want that.
Glad you guys are doing well with Flicktype.
I use it every day and love it!
Much love!


Hi Dominique

App Developer

Hi Dominique, we hope you've been well! Thanks for submitting your vote, we're busy working away on getting the half-screen out the door as soon as possible.

You can technically get the paid subscription and the TestFlight beta at the same time. If you upgrade to the App Store version you'll still receive beta builds as usual and those will update over the App Store version.

All the best,

beta updates over appstore version?

I downloaded the app from the app store which replaced my beta build. I did upgrade but didn't see the half screen option in the settings. So had to install beta again which replaced the app store version. So how can I retain app store version and get beta builds? Thanks.

Half screen only in beta at present

Hi tripolice

Currently , the half screen option is only Available in beta form at the moment .

The feature isn't fully complete yet for an app store release . At least , this is my understanding .

I'm sure we will all be informed when it's ready to hit the app store.

I hope this clears up the confusion.


App Developer

Hi @tripolice,

Daniel is correct, we aren't quite ready to add the half-screen mode to the App Store version, but we're working diligently to get there. Once we do, we will be sure to update everyone as this will be very exciting FlickType news.

To clarify in case it's confusing, you can only have one version of the app on your device at any time, so when you went back to the beta version it is now stored on your device over the App Store version, and when you go back to the App Store version it will be stored on your device over the beta version.