We may soon get a text based GTA

OK, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but there is a game currently in development called Breech: The Archangel Job and it has quite a few things in common with GTA. Steal and buy cars, rob banks, get chased by the cops, choose from a great variety of weapons, suppress your weapons to take out your enemy silently, or go in loud and attract everyone. The game combines your character's skill with luck, as well as a D20 dice roll system to determine your success and failure. The game have some writing issues like typos and such, but it is available for public testing. You can try it at https://dashingdon.com/play/Maxwell121415/breach-taj/mygame/


I'm excited!

I'm going to try it right now. Thank you!

Glad you like it.

You know what I really like about this game? Instead of swords, magic and horses, we are actually dealing with guns, explosives and cars for once. Welcome to the real world.

I really love everything about the game

I played it the day I posted the first comment, and I really like everything about the game. From being able to play as a gay/lesbian character to "what is his name?" "achu!" "God bless you!" joke, I really like everything. I've spent 7 or 8 hours to play it and I'm proud!
Thank you for all the effort, I would like to play the other parts when it releases. :)

Available chapters?

Hello all
Really like this game but is only Chapter one available for testing for now? IT abruptly ends after you get saved at the police station.

I played the first 4

I played the first 4 chapters the day I posted the comment, I dont know
But I really want to continue, I miss my relationship with edwin :(

Here's cheats. Don't read if you don't like spoilers.

Here are some codes you can enter at the start of each chapter. All letters must be without caps.
God mode = withgreatpowercomespotato
Unlock everything in shop = hesshaungilmore
Change your stats = eatyervegetables
$500,000 = loadingmother
Golden gun = daggerdaggerdagger
Max relationships = cantyouseeimlonely
New game plus = itsgroundhogday
More luck = thehousealwayswins
Reroll dice = thereisnospoon
Note that loadingmother and thehousealwayswins can be entered multiple times.

Is it finished?

Is this game already completed or are still only the first four chapters available.
Haven't played it in a while, might get bgack into it when I have time.

Almost finished

We still only have 4 chapters in the demo but the game has been submitted to choice of games I think. It's not too long now.

What a nice day

What a nice day to start playing my dear game again!

Update on chapters

The game will have 4 chapters in total, with each chapter having 2 parts. Also, this game will have 2 sequels.

About game

Hello there I was wondering about the chapters I got to the third one but it doesn’t let me go and play it was wondering why and if it had not been put out yet was wondering when it will be

I like text games. I am not

I like text games. I am not young. Nor am I ashamed. My hearing is not what it once was. Moreover, Sometimes, I like to use my. Braille display. I am tired of all of you children who think you are superior to those of us who would rather use words than sounds. The Internet is large, and there is a lot of room here! I understand that you are brilliant and can kill anything you hear. Some of us prefer to use our words, and the brains we possess to solve these problems. Please understand that there is room for us all! When you try to stifle those of us who cannot hear as well as you can, you are stifling all the people who, just like you, only want to be able to play the games that entertain them.


There will be 4 chapters, but the demo only have 2.

I don’t want to start a

I don’t want to start a debate here, but I actually do, in fact, like text based games. However, I won’t play just any text game. It needs to have a good story and it needs to be well written if I’m going to play it.
I know there are many of you that will simply disregard any game that is text based. This is not the right thing to do. Who knows, you might like it.
Also, not every text based game is a poorly written choice of game. That is not to say that every text game is incredibly written and well thought out, but not every text game is bad. Takes six ages and a dark room for example. Those two games were a hit in the blind community because they had good stories and they were voiceover accessible. But they were also, ghasp, text based. I have no doubt that at least one of you simply disregarded those games just because they were text based because hey, it’s text based, so it’s trash right?
Of course, there’s also the matter of text based strategy games. I like those because their strategy games. I need to be able to think to play them. They aren’t just read and make choices. But, ghasp, a strategy game with no sound? That means it’s trash right?
In conclusion, text based games are not all bad. People need to give them a chance and stop assuming that just because it’s text based, it’s trash.

Text Vs. Audio Games

Why is it that, if a text based game is posted, immediately the audio game lovers start throwing darts? And, if a new audio game is posted, the same happens with the text game lovers? All this does is cause an uproar. Can't we just enjoy the game play that we choose and leave the rest for someone else to enjoy. There is no right or wrong. If you like text based, audio based or both, it's all good, right?

I’ve never seen text based

I’ve never seen text based game lovers attack and audio game for being an audio game. It’s more the audio game fans that attack us for liking text based games.

I only like an audio game if

I only like an audio game if it’s good. If it has a horrible story, horrible voice acting, and is overall bad, I won’t play it.