Weather Gods 1.1.2

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Hi All,

Just a quick message to say we've released 1.1.2 today.

The main change is we've fixed the feels like temperature for the day high and low being wrong with voiceover - we managed to flip our heat index and wind chill :)

Our next update is 1.2 and probably the biggest change will be support for the iPad in landscape mode.

We're also busy working on an Apple Watch version and I've been working very closely with IBM to move Weather Gods push notifications into the cloud, without losing the personalisation and localisation aspects. This is coming along nicely and I'm hoping to start a beta testing group in the next 3-4 weeks with the new system.

As ever, if you are enjoying your time with the Weather Gods, then please, please, leave a review as they are reset with each new update. There is a direct link from Settings. Thank you.

If you are having any problems or have feature requests, then send us a feedback email (from Settings) and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Just a reminder that we are in the UK, so might be sleeping when you email (smile).

Best regards


#1 thanks so much for everything

Hello Scott!

I'm glad you'll be adding support for landscape mode for the ipad! I have some issues navigating jhings id portrait, so I'm happy you'll be adding that! I'm glad you're trying to more notifications into the cloud, because maybe that'll mean more notification options, (EX: weather alerts from agencies like The National Weather Service)

Second thing, my Mom simply LOVES this app! While she doesn't use voiceover, I showed her the app 1 day when she wanted me to check the weather, & she was quite impressed! She can't wait to buy it & use it! I use that as my weather app whenever I need/want to see what Mother Nature is up to.

Third, thank you so very much for all that you do, especially with the amount of work you put into this app to make it accessible! I have used countless weather apps with varying levels of accessibility, & was not very impressed. When I heard about Weather Gods though, I was pretty happy, because I'd been looking for an app just like this, & now I have it. That was the first purchase I made last year at Christmas when I goj money on cy account, and I have NOT ONE SINGLE REGRET!

In short, thank you so cuch Scott, and please keep up the good work!

#2 thanks so much for everything

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Hi Dawn,

Yes, you're quite right about the alerts - once we're in the cloud then we can hook into IBM weather alert service, and the great thing about this is the alerts are from many national weather providers - so we will get as much alert coverage as possible. It also means we can stop having to worry about quitting Weather Gods from the task switcher. I know it's frustrating for people using the app, it's also very frustrating for me as the last thing I want is people not getting alerts - it keeps me awake at night, and I'm not joking!

Thanks for the lovely feedback and I'm glad your Mum likes Weather Gods as well - we've tried to make a great app for everyone!


#3 zic code

Would be nice that when we search for our area we can use the azip code instead of city. Never understood why since I live in Chicago, the greatest city in the planet, my location goes to a second rate city such as Evanston IL.

#4 zip code

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Hi Holger,

Can you let me have the zip code you would like to search for please and I'll check it out.


#5 A question for Scott

Hey Scott,

I am a relatively new user of the app, so please excuse me if this has been covered before.

When running the app I am unable to locate the iOS Status Bar by touch. Having checked with somebody, I am told that the Status Bar is not visible when the app is on screen. This is on a 6s.

Is this a local problem to me? Or done by design?

If the latter, my understanding is that Apple frowns upon this. I could be wrong. So, my apologies is this is the case. However, if you are unsure, it's probably something that you might want to check.

#6 Status bar

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Hi Dalia,

You're not wrong ... and it is done by design. We're short on space so we've had to take up space at the top of the screen as well.

Let me check with my designer around the rules ...


#7 Re: The Status Bar

Hey Scott,

It looks like it is not prohibited, but not necessarily encourage either.

This is what it says in Apple's iOS Human Interface Guidelines:

"Avoid permanently hiding the status bar.
Without a status bar, people must leave your app to check the time or see if they have a Wi-Fi connection. Let people redisplay a hidden status bar by using a simple, discoverable gesture. When browsing full-screen photos in the Photos app, a single tap shows the status bar again."

#8 Re: The Status Bar

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Thanks Dalia,

I will discuss with our designer ... but I don't think we have much option to display it due to lack of space on the screen.

#9 Re: The Status Bar

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Hi Dalia

Have discussed with the designer and we are going to put the status bar back.

One of the reasons for hiding it was because we show your time and the time for international locations, along with how many hours difference.

We'll have to rework that piece so it still makes sense with the system time showing at the top on the status bar.

Should be in our next big release 1.2.


#10 A bit of help with zip codes

In regards to Holger's question about zip codes...I'm also originally from the general Chicagoland area, so I know exactly what he's talking about. Just as an experiment just now, I searched for a zip code that I know is definitely valid, remember zip codes are a little different than UK postcodes so sometimes they might cover a bit of a wider area. The one I used was 60611, and that showed that it was Chicago, Cook County, IL, United States. which sounds just about right. So, experiment number 2, I just punched in the actual city name, Chicago into Weather Gods, and got the following results as possible ones to choose from. I got that first one, Chicago, Cook Countty, Illinois, United States, Chicago Hights, Cook County, IL United States, and Chicago Ridge, Cook County, IL, united States. So that covers a pretty wide area there. So for now, my best suggestion is to put Chicago in there as a city name, instead of a zip code and that may be what you want to use. I would also think that it should be pretty easy to find the weather that matches up for that area, instead of another place like Evanston, IL. Chicago is a much bigger place than that for sure. I hope that helps a bit.

#11 zip code

Sure, it is 60660

#12 chicago

Yes.I did start with Chicago and it shows Chicago IL cook county and when I select it, for a strange reason location goes to Evanston Il.I am close to Evanston but I am Chicago, My code does not go to Evanston just Chicago which is 60660

#13 chicago

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Thanks Toonhead and Holger

I think we need to figure out if the Evanston location is the GPS rather than the saved favourite location.

Holger, can you go to the Evanston location and let me know if voiceover says 'GPS' for that place please.


#14 Notifications

This seems like a great app from everything I've read and heard about it. I'm wondering if the new notification system will make it possible to receive notifications in other countries? I live in Canada, and I was helping a friend with the notifications several months ago, and we discovered that they don't work in Canada. That is the one major thing holding me back from purchasing this app. I feel that the notifications are one of the main features of the app, and to not have access to them would make the app less useful to me I appreciate all of the hard work that has been put into the app. Each version seems to get better and better. It is my sincerest hope that eventually the notifications will work in Canada as well as other countries. These are just my thoughts.

#15 Notifications

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Hi Earle,

Yes, they do work in Canada for the built in notifications (rain, snow, wind, fog, sunrise, storm, daily summary etc).

With regards to the severe weather alerts from Canada National Weather Service - that's something which will be coming along in the future.


#16 Current location

The button just states current location Evanston. Nothing else. I slide to see any save or favor. At this time shows only favor Chicago. Nothing else.

#17 Current location

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Ok, this is your GPS location.

The latest version of Weather Gods remembers the last location you loaded.

Can we try this please:

1. Swipe to Chicago and double tap to load
2. Quit Weather Gods
3. Reload Weather Gods
4. The location that loads should be Chicago and not Evanston

We can't do much about Evanston being your GPS. The GPS uses accuracy to get your location and I'm guessing that Evanston is more accurate than Chicago which is a much bigger place. The GPS for Chicago would be the centre of Chicago and the phone thinks you are nearer to Evanston than the centre of Chicago?

If we use the steps above then it will remember Chicago and use that from now on. Just remember not to select Evanston.


#18 Chicago

OK. I take it I will have to deal with having Evanston in my location. Interested that my apple weather location is Chicago and does not even mention Evanston anywhere.

#19 follow me

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Can Weather Gods just automatically follow you wherever you are instead of you having to select the city you're in? If not, let's make that a suggestion for a future update.

#20 Hi,

Yes it does follow you wherever you are. You'll need to turn on the "follow me location" in the location screen.

#21 Notifications

That is great news about the severe weather alerts. I'll keep watching for these to be added. Keep up the great work!