Weather Gods & iOS13

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Hi Everybody,

Sorry to report that Weather Gods is having some iOS13 crashing.

I'm not running iOS13 myself just yet, but I have analysed the crash reports and made a few fixes.

We have a TestFlight build available which should be more stable on iOS13.

If you are a Weather Gods user and not a beta tester, then I'm happy to extend the beta testing - please email me



#1 iOS 13 and WG

Hope the issue with faces that I had with WG are fix. I could not get all the info about the tenputure that I get in my iPhone. Specially with the new faces that are coming out. Great app and Scott thanks for all the good work.

#2 WG

Hope the issue with faces that I was having in apple watch 3 are fix on OS 6. Specially when new faces are coming out. Great app.

#3 Temperature

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Hi Holger,

Yep, the temperature bug is on my list.


#4 Cannot activate notifications.

For some reason, since upgrading to iOS 13 I am not able to activate notifications on Weather Gods. I have checked all Settings but nothing I do works. I have tried everything but when attempting to activate a notification all the options are dimmed. The only button that I’m able to press is the “cancel“ button. Please help.

#5 Cannot activate notifications.

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Hi DrummerGuy,

iOS 13 has been a bit buggy for us but I noticed the bugs were fixed in iOS 13.1.

I tested activating notifications on iOS13.1 and didn't find any problems.

If you want to send a support email from the Weather Gods settings menu then I can try and help further.

Is anyone else having this problem?


#6 WG AKA Bella the cat

Works well and like it. Is is nice in my nice new Siri 5 watch.

#7 Series 5

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I'm hoping to pick up my series 5 tomorrow Holger. Been with the series 2 for a while now.

#8 Thank you, Scott.

Thank you, Scott. I have already solved that issue by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I have successfully activated all my notifications for Weather Gods. thank you for your quick reply.

#9 Great!

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Thanks for the update - glad it's working!