Webkit doesn't check for updates on Mac os X 10.11.1


After I upgraded my Mac to 10.11.1 I noticed something strange. I do use the webkit browser, and on my old mac, that isn't updated to 10.11 yet, it still tells me when there are new updates for Webkit. On my 10.11-machine there are no way to update from Webkit. The only way to update is via the [Webkit website)(http://www.webkit.org/) Has any of you found a workaround for this, or do you know who to contact so the problem can be fixed?

Thanks in advance.

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Report this to the bug

Report this to the bug tracker. They are generaly good at fixing . Secondly download the latest nightly build if possible every night and submit feedback on that.

What are the advantages of

What are the advantages of using webkit ratter than the regular Safari?

I know you stay in the edge of new features and bla bla but objectively is there something you guys have that we do not have at the moment?

Basically think of webkit as

Basically think of webkit as usingnightly builds of safari. Some of that code will make it in to safari's updates while some might not.

Webkit versus Safari

Hi Split!

I do not think you get new features or stuff like that in Webkit. My reason for using it is that it for me changes some pages, so they look better in Webkit than in Safari. I don't know how it exactly works, but I use them both on regular basis if there is an issue for me on a certain page. I've decided to use Webkit most of the time. Basically try it out, and see if it makes anything different on your web experience. I will for sure try to submit a bug regarding this if any other haven't done that before me.

Best regards Thomas

Of corse. You get the nightly

Of corse. You get the nightly features and bugs what ever they are. These varry from night to night. If in doubt try it out.

Since most of us have no

Since most of us have no vision we cannot answer that question. Also b because you can launch web agents to open a page in to a different browser, or fool a web page like that, that question is sort of moot.



@split: I ment in terms of Voiceover accessibility. I have seen pages that works better (at least for me) in Webkit than they do in Safari.

I shot the devs a note regarding this, and they are working on the issue. There is away around the issue for now, but that is (jmo) a very drastic way to go.
It includes changing something from the recovery mode via terminal on a certain pratition so the webkit updater (as of now) will work as always.The link to the post is here, but I can not and will not advice any one to follow this if you aren't sure of what you are doing. I myself will wait to the issue is fixed.
Here is the workaround: