Welcome to a new, more accessible Discord

Hello everyone.
Discord. Many people in the blind community have heard of it. Many people in the blind community, at least to my knowledge, consider its accessibility to be... laughable, at best. But let me tell you a story.
In late may I posted to Discord's forums, advocating for the need for increased accessibility. Within a day my post had gotten over forty upvotes from the community.
You can find the post here: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360043674232-Dis...
Shortly thereafter I joined the Discord beta testing program for iOS, and with the help of a sighted individual who was familiar with voiceover, we began compiling a ticket with every single unlabeled element and voiceover focus related issue. A process which is going to continue indefinitely as Discord updates, to ensure that blind users have equal access to the features Discord incorporates into their app.
You can find that here: https://trello.com/c/YV1NDxy8
Now, fast forward three months and very little has been heard about accessibility from Discord at all.
That is, however, until version 3.1.1 dropped to the public four days ago. A relatively minor update for most people except for the fact that in the release notes, this little nugget was included.
"Improved the accessibility labeling around the app to make using VoiceOver easier."
Surprisingly, Discord waited until the actual release to include this. I saw no evidence they were working on it in the beta. However I can confirm that the app is, thanks to these labels, a fair bit easier to use.
Is everything labeled?
Sadly no. Not at this time. However as I have indicated above, with the help of my bug finder partner we are continuing to test features in the beta to ensure that as they are added to Discord they are accessible, and Discord has taken notice of that already. Recently a new user action sheet was introduced in chat windows. An action sheet which has a labeled element voiceover users can use to dismiss it, even though nothing is labeled as such to the naked eye.
So what now?
I am only one blind person, who uses Discord in one way. I am certain that other people use it in different ways. I am certain that you use it differently than I, should you use Discord at all. Which is why I would like to invite you, as a blind person, to help shape the app for others like yourself going forward.
But how?
To get started, you will need to join the Discord Testers server, which you can do so by going here: https://discord.gg/discord-testers
To register for the actual iOS beta (works on both iPhone and iPad at present and as well as in iOS 13) go here and follow the instructions: https://dis.gd/testflight
Hope to see you there!
Have questions? I will be monitoring this thread and will respond to any difficulties you may encounter as promptly as I can. Should you wish to find me on Discord though, simply ping Gar.


Discord is running well, but 1 caveat

Hello all,
I recently updated to version 3.1.1 of Discord. Its great, now that its accessible. The only caveat is that I can't add a server. When I try to do so, it doesn't do anything. But other than that, Discord is great.

It's sad they don't have a

It's sad they don't have a discord beta for the mac. Te mac client I hear is laughable. Oh, and I'm running the latest version, it's not accessible. And none of the labels are even labeled, at least not on my device.

That's weird. I'm using

That's weird. I'm using discord for the mac and it works just fine. Most things are labeled now. What OS are you using? Have you tried reinstalling the client?


Hi. so I had to create a new account and when I go to verify my email I get a captcha. There is an audio button but when I double tap on it, nothing happens. Eventually I get a message on my phone saying that recaptcha cannot be contacted.

problems that i am facing now

Hello! Thank you for your work! But I have some questions that I cannot figure out. How can I join channels? I try to press on a category for example voice channels, but voiceover jumps to an element on the top and I cannot do anything else. How can I go to the channel? Thank you!!!

switching servers and hopping into voice channels?

Hello! Discord does seem to be a lot less fiddly, and this is wonderful. I hope the good work continues. However, I'm still having a lot of trouble. First, I can't figure out how to get from the main launch screen with DM windows and such to the server list. Then, when I'm in a server, usually by clicking on a notification, I can see the other servers I am in by swiping, but not by touch, and double tapping them does nothing. The same goes for all the channels in any given server, including voice. I'm probably being dumb and missing something right in front of my face, but any tips would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance!

Discord beta

I have joined the beta program through Discord.
It’s great that the Accessibility is improving. I’ve also sent emails to them about including Accessibility.
How do I find you on Discord? Because I tried to and I didn’t know how to do it.
I also joined the Discord testers group.

Re: Switching servers and hopping into voice channels

Switching servers is honestly the most common issue I see blind people having with Discord.
The reason you can find servers sometimes but you can't switch to them has to do with the method you use to navigate the app, which is swiping through rather than feeling by touch.
As has been pointed out, you cannot find servers by touch at times, and the reason for this his because what Discord is, at least on iOS, is many screens superimposed and layered over one another. Unfortunately, voiceover can't tell.
SO to switch servers, and channels, what you need to do is to find an icon labeled "toggle drawer." Tap that, and your list of servers and channels will appear.
On the iPad, due to the much larger screen size, this isn't necessary.
As for voice channels and group calls, unfortunately, those are still sketchy areas. None of the icons on that screen are labeled as of now, however if you check out the Trello link I included in the main forum post you will see that that issue has been documented. So unfortunately, voice channels aren't really usable right now unless you're willing to fiddle around with the elements for a while.

Tracking voiceover related issues

If you have joined the Discord Tester server you have most likely noticed a website being tossed around quite a bit called Trello. Essentially, this is the system that Discord developers use to track bugs. If you wish to do the same here's what you can do.
Download the Trello app from the App Store.
Create an account within the app.
Go to the Trello website: Trello.com
Log into your account then navigate to the link below.
Once you're there, star that board, then navigate to the iOS app.
The board will then appear in the app, which is much more usable than the website... at least on iOS.
Once you've entered the board, tap the filter button and type in voiceover. Then click on any of the cards that pop up and tap the card actions button. There will be a menu item labeled watch that you can activate to be notified whenever someone comments on, or whenever updates are made to, a card.

To add a discord number you

To add a discord number you need to know their discord name and idea so if my idea is blahblahblah12345 you will add that. To do servs you cannot, I repeat, you cannot swipe, don't do it. Think of a split screen intrface . This is the way discord works. Once my partner taught me that, I was pretty much good to go.

If you want to hear a very

If you want to hear a very small demo of the discord app and the state of accessibility here is a quick demo about maybe 16 minutes I length. I also type in some channels and discover some bugs in terms of channel and server management.

Re: Demo

I'd love to. But...
"The page you are trying to reach either does not exist or has been removed."

Bleh, ok, go to this link

Bleh, ok, go to this link instead. Sorry about that. I forgot that putting a period or any other form of punctuation anywhere in the code would brake.

Contacting me on Discord

Hey guys.
So I know someone asked about this above, and I meant to reply to it but kept forgetting.
If you want to talk to me on Discord, feel free to search for my username and add me as a friend. My username is Gar"#1865" minus the quotes.
Feel free to ping me in the iOS client chat channel in the Discord Tester server if you run into any issues or if you are unable to search. Just don't say you just want to talk or you might get a warning for using the channel incorrectly or some such.

An Interesting Bug

A Fiu days ago, I encountered with a very interesting bug on discord for IOS. I tapped a notification from the lock screen and the app opened. But all accessibility was gone. No buttons were labeled and voiceover didn't recognize anything. I had to install the app again.

That's odd,that bug I never

That's odd,that bug I never have encountered. I've opened stuff from the notifications before with this new version and it works fine.

Re: Interesting Bug

Yes, I have encountered this as well. Please detail what version of iOS you are running, exact steps you took and what version of Discord you are running.
Alternatively, if you are in the Discord Tester server please record that under ticket 35559.

Re: İnteresting Bug

İOS Version 12.4 and Discord Version 3.1.1. I'm using an İphone 6S.
So, Hear it how is happen:
A notification comes from discord and I double click on it. Discord app opens but nothing is accessible. Voiceover can not recognize any button or label.
This is how it gos.

I never click on discord

I never click on discord notifications, in fact I have all of my servers mutted unless i"m mentioned, so I don't have that issue.

Problems with leaving the server

Hi! I have really lots of problems with the latest beta of discord which is 3.1.9. I cannot leave the server. I cannot just find the way to do that! I tryed tapping and holding the server's name and other things, nothing helped! What can I do?


when i start the app crashes straight away. not sure what going on?

It's a confirmed bug. They

It's a confirmed bug. They are working on a fix. It has to do sometimes with voiceover and sometimes with gifs.

Take care


It indeed has been confirmed, as I also have same problem.

For future Discord bug reports, also send them to