What are your “must have” iOS apps?

Hello, could you share your must install app on your idevices ?


must have apps

blindsquare, youtube, find my iPhone, bard mobile, for news AP mobile, dropbox. Games, hangman. Money Reader, Lookout (similar to find my iPhone).

For me it's around me, blind

For me it's around me, blind square, swarm, group text, facebook, bard mobile, waze, maps, transit, ES{N, weather, weather radio, good reads, ham Morris, workflow, file browser.

must have app

As you asked for a "must have app", singular not plural, I would say Weather Radio.

Must have apps

Cipher sender, zello, youtube, urban dictionary, google translate, and Shazam. And as far as games go, grand theft auto San Andreas, trivia crack, adventure to fate battle arena, a dark room, and the ensign.

Must have apps

Cipher sender, zello, youtube, urban dictionary, google translate, and Shazam. And as far as games go, grand theft auto San Andreas, trivia crack, adventure to fate battle arena, a dark room, and the ensign.

Must have iOS Apps

Voicedream reader, iBooks, BARD Mobile, soundcloud, dropbox, Open VPN, Money Reader, Tap Tap See, VLC, Workflow, IPGMail...
And a few other jailbreak only ones like activator, haptic pro, Echo, OpenSSH, Biolockdown...
That's all I can think of for now :)


grand theft auto San Andreas, is that accessible? How much?

I bought Vice City and it's

I bought Vice City and it's not as playable on the phone as it is on the pc, so I'm wondering how you're playing San Andreas. Please fill us in!

Now the admins could make a

Now the admins could make a nice Must Have Apps in each one profile here so you can get someone you think is cool or who you personally think is a reference on VO and IOS usage and check their recomendations by clicking in their profiles.
This would be a great feature to allow novices or intermediate so to say users here to get info on what the super famous and head folks from AppleVis or just one or another / other guys they happen to like recomend at the moment.

must-have apps

Bard mobile, Audible, Voice Dream Reader, Tunein Radio Pro, Oo Tunes, Weather Radio, Dice World, Radium, Swarm, Uber, Whats app messenger, Downcast, Youtube, and Google Search.

must-have apps

Audio Speed The Inquisitor audio game adventure Karateka Nebula game and the Choice of games.
As you see I'm a huge gaming fan so let me know if there are new accessible games. I'm totally blind and I love to hear about accessible games.
Feel free to post your comments below!

Sharing app recommendations

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splyt, unless I am misunderstanding you, what you describe is already in place.

When logged in, people can flag the apps that they recommend by using the link available on the app’s page in our App Directories.

A list of each person’s recommendations can be found on their profile page.

RE: Must Have Apps

Many of the above mentioned apps also reside on my iPhone, but there is one not mentioned. If you are a runner or walker, if you love music, if you use music for a myriad of things such as cleaning house, taking a drive, etc., then I highly recommend RockMyRun. this is both a free and paid subscription service. The free version of the app will allow you access to any mix that is 45 minutes or less. Anything longer than that requires a monthly or annual subscription. They have live DJ's who put together playlists and are designed by genre, BPM, etc. I have found music for many things that goes far beyond my workouts themselves. Absolutely love this app.

Must have apps

Club AppleVis Member

Voice Dream Reader, MBraille, Audio Defence Zombie Arena, and LiveTunes Concert Simulator.

Blind square, Inote, Read to

Blind square, Inote, Read to go, Tap Tap See, Bard mobile, Scanner Radio Pro, NFB newsline, I heart radio. I also utilize the dictate function.

Must have apps

5-0 Radio, trivia crack, blind square, TV go, newsify, YouTube,, downcast, any list, iNote.

MBraille, Youplayer, Bard

MBraille, Youplayer, Bard Mobile, Learning Ally, Atomic Web, and just about every audio game that runs on iOS.

My Top Ten

Here’s my top-10 list of must-have-apps. I’ve not included any of the standard built-in apps.
1. Downcast
2. Audible
3. BARD Mobile
4. Transit Times Plus
5. MoneyReader
6. Voice Dream Reader
7. KNFB Reader
8. Spotify
9. TweetList 4
10. Facebook

Forgotten app

I forgot xbox 1 smart glass. I know i know. But it's actually vary accessible.

Essential apps

Twitterrific- Twitter
Voice dream reader- text to speech
DownCast- podcasts
Dark sky- weather
TextGrabber plus translator- OCR documents and translate on the fly
Dropbox- cloud storage service
Umano- Artcles read by humans
BlindSquare- look around GPS
Google maps- Walking and transit information
RedLaser- bbar code scanner
Taptapsee-identify OCR pictures
Rev voice recorder- great recorder that syncs to dropbox
SayPlay- dictate songs, presentations Etc and the app will playback with audio/video
Uber- private taxi service
Lyft- private taxi service
Food .com- recipes and sales
Fantasticao- remindersevents and calendar
Yelp- find business and restaurant reviews

This list should get you going.
Regards,Feliciano For tech tips and updates, LIKE www.facebook.com/theblindman12v Follow www.twitter.com/theblindman12v

A couple must have apps for me

Voice dream reader, Google search, Blind Square, Google maps.
Jailbreak tweaks, googiri, nownow, an insane amount of activator events, Haptic pro as mentioned above, and the tweak that lets you press the home button to answer a call

Managing xbox live

It is a way to manage your friends list on xbox live as well as check game achievements. You can also message, add and remove friends. It also works as a remote, but i hardly use that feature.

must have apps

for me, they would be uber, blind square, google maps, voice dream reader, dark sky, imap weather radio, money reader, KNFB reader, and my list keeps growing, but that's just a few of the most must have apps for me for right now.

must-have apps

KNFB Reader
Dice World
forecast now
NFB Newsline
list recorder
I have several other games that I enjoy, primarily card and dice games.

the app junky's desert island apps

So, first you must understand that I am a serious app adict. I download things, if they're free, just to see if they're accessible. Second I'm a music addict. That said, if I was stranded in an internetless place with most of my phone wiped, I'd be fine if I just had Bard Mobile, Read2go, uber, Aurifi, and Noatikl. I'm always hungry for more generative music stuff, and to learn more about the stuff I already have.

Must have iOS apps

Here are my favorite iOS apps
1 TapTapSee
2 Youtube
3 Zany Touch Free
4 Premium Video Poker
5 Premium Blackjack
6 BARD Mobile
7 Podcasts/Overcast where I listen to AppleVis Podcasts
8 Google Translate