What backup app do you use?

Hi everyone, So I am about to take the plunge and upgrade to Mountain Lion. I've just been busy around here. I ran Carbon Copy Cloner to get a Lion backup before installing, and got a software update box that asked me to pay for the next version and said they were no longer offering the package for a donation and that the next version was "not qualified for Mountain Lion." So I'm assuming I have to pay for the upgrade if I want it to work with Mountain Lion? I have no problem with doing this, especially since a developer has worked to make the app accessible and usable. But it made me ask the question, as I've been looking around, which backup solution do you longtime Mac users use? CCC and Super Duper seem to be the two most popular, and now they are comparatively priced. so which do you like better? Do they have different feature sets? Time Machine seems ok, but I do not have a (is it time capsule, a regular drive?) and like the idea very much of my backup being bootable. So thanks, and your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!