What’s the best choice for a blind user, an iPad or iPad Mini?

i want to buy an ipad or mini for a blind man. which is better? the ipad or mini. cost is a factor but if ipad has best advantages. will pay the differences.


The only difference is size.

The only difference is size. Of course, there may be minor processor and display differences, but they don't enter into the accessibility equation. Will the person who is using it prefer a larger or smaller screen area? Manual dexterity and ease of hand movement may play a role in answering that question. The bottom line is this: The operating system, aplications, and accessibility features are the same; the difference is in the form factor--size and shape of the unit. Some folks have more trouble holding a heavier unit in one hand, which is why lots of folks like the 7-inch tablets more than the 10- or 11-inch ones.

Ask The Person You're Buying For

I don't mean to sound unkind, but...to be honest...I'd consult the person you're buying the device for. Both iPad models are accessible to blind people (the main difference is the size of the iPad and iPad Mini), and we can certainly give you advice, but the ultimate decision should be left to the person whose actually going to be using it. They are perfectly capable of making that decision if presented with the options--and, as mentioned before, one device size will likely appeal more than the other. I know it certainly does in my case. ;-)

ipad or mini

my friend has asked me to seek advice on which is preferable. he would prefer the cheaper one. but if the full ipad has advanteges. he is willing to purchase it. is there a site that compares the advantages of one over the other, other than size?

Device Uses

Like already stated, the main differences are screen size and weight.

One thing I'd also like to add is to consider potential uses for the device. Does this person have some vision, or no vision? Would they be likely to make use of camera based apps like KNFB Reader, magnifiers, bar code readers, etc? If so, a larger iPhone like the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus may actually be more helpful. Sadly, despite Apple bragging about their iPad's camera in their last keynote, no iPad model has a camera flash. Because of this, many camera-based apps don't work as well, if at all, on an iPad. Good lighting is even more crutial because of the large shadow the iPad casts over the reading material or object. I'm really hoping Apple soon decides to finally include a flash in future iPads, but for now, this may be something to consider.


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The point about the camera is an excellent one. I have an iPad Mini and an iPhone 5s. When using OCR apps such as KNFBReader or TextGrabber, there is almost no comparison: the iPhone can get usable results while the iPad does not. Other apps such as TapTapSee or Be My Eyes may be more forgiving but OCR is so useful... If phone service is not required you can purchase an unlocked iPhone and just not get phone service for it.
Otherwise in all other feature specs, an iPad versus an iPad Mini of the same model year are identical except screen size which would come into play if the user is low vision and could possibly benefit from screen magnification.

Agree with Jesse Anderson's Comments For iPhone Instead

The iPhone 6 and 6+ has much more appeal, at least to this user. To be able to have an all-in-one device is crucial to me. The camera in the iPhone is superior to the iPad choices, at least for now. Beside the camera, to be able to make phone calls, etc., is just another reason why the phone would be a better choice. The form factor of the iPhone 6+, in particular, would be quite close to the iPad mini but give much more functionality. Spend money one time and get the best you can is what I try to do.


From my experience there is absolutely no advantage of having a larger screen, it is harder to manipulate gestures take more effort and generally it just makes things harder. I gave my iPad mini to my mum, I now have the iPhone 6 which, for me and the size of my hands, is perfect.

The only possible thing I might consider a plus about the iPad is that there are certain apps native to iPad which you can't get on the iPhone, and the possibility of using fleksy as an actual keyboard, though after trying this it became very frustrating and a fold away keyboard with my iPhone became preferable.

If it is a choice between iPad and iPad mini, go mini, if you want a useful device go iPhone or maybe the touch, though I know little about iPod touches these days.

re: ipads and what you plan to do

I'd say depending on what you are planning to do weather it be music what not the ipad mini might be a good choice. it's small, however, if you need the space for music as the screen relistate is bigger for keyboard work go for the bigger model.