What is the state of PDF accessibility with the Mac; a colleague has a problem I don't know how to solve.

A colleague sent me 2 PDF files; on a windows computer with Acrobat, they open fine and JAWS reads them well. On her Mac, she cannot read them with VoiceOver. On Windows, there are settings I had to change to make Acrobat work well, including turning something off in security. It had something to do with startup, but I can't find the name of the setting now. Does the Mac contain this setting; if not, are there any other things to fix? We have already worked with the accessibility settings but could revisit them if there is even a chance we missed something important. Thanks for the assistance.


Have you tried opening them

Have you tried opening them up in skim? I hate adobe on the mac, it over all sucks and crashes. I dunno if that will help but I tend to use skim more than anything else.