What storage capacity would people recommend for my first iPhone?

Hi folks contemplating my first iPhone. My primary uses for the phone will be mobility using gps apps, streaming music, and reading some text. Would you say that the 32 gig phone sounds like enough? Thanks.




A 32 GB phone should be more than enough as long as you don't fill it with a bunch of huge apps or lotso f music or audiobooks. Text content doesn't take up much space at all so you'll definitely be fine in that department.

iPhone storage capacity

Hi, if that's all you intend to do with the phone, 32gb should suffice. If like many others, you start to find and install more an dmore apps, music, videos, etc., in my opinion the extra $100 to quadruple the space to 128gb is well worth it. If budget is a big concern and you don't see yourself doing more with the phone than what you described in your post you will be ok with the 32gb.

Also consider

Also consider how long you may want to keep the phone. As you discover just how useful your iPhone can be, you may find you wish you had more storage capacity. You may find yourself being motivated to upgrade your phone to gain more storage at some point in the future. If you can afford it, I agree with Carlos, you may eventually be glad you have some additional storage capacity for things like music and audiobooks. Both BARD and Audible have apps that allow you to download books. There's also podcasts that may grab your attention. I'm sure you can manage with the 32 GB iPhone, but you may appreciate more storage in the future.

Remember, you are not getting

Remember, you are not getting 32 gigs but about 25 or so. 2 for the OS and the rest of the missing space for the file system. I ould go witht the 128 gig personally as navigon might take up 4 gigs, NE will take up 4, music will take up about 1-2 gigs, games will take up a lot.

hope that helps.

Also consider maps

Some gps apps require large maps to be downloaded to the phone, and that's gonna take up a bit of space, although it's not terribly much. If you don't download loads of videos and audio books, you should be fine. but remember you can always delete the books if you aren't reading them, and download again when necessary. it's not a requirement that you keep things like Audible, and BARD books stored on the phone permanently. They can be deleted, and re-downloaded at a later date.

Thanks for the imput

Thanks folks, this will be my first iPhone. If it goes as well as my switch to the Mac, good things will happen.

I got a 16 gig iPhone for my

I got a 16 gig iPhone for my first phone and had it filled up in 6 months. And all of it was gps stuff which was 4 gigs and pictures plus music. I don't think I was reading books. Then

As for bard you can remove the books but they will still count tward your 100 registrations until you reinstall the app. You also have temp files that are taking up space, so be aware of that to. Knowing you might only have 26 gigs to start off with will help in what you decide to put on the phone.

Good luck.

the more space, the better

Consider the future. Have you ever gotten a computer hard drive that you figured would be plenty, then found that you needed another due to a lack of space? I think of the iPhone in the same way. Get what you can afford. However, once you find out what you can do with the phone that you previously didn't expect that you would be doing, space will be of prime concern. I would get a 32 gig phone at the bare minimum if I had known what I now know. GPS maps take up space, as do books and music. As the subject line says, the more space, the better. I don't plan to upgrade my iPhone 7 plus for a good long time, so I went with the 256 gig model. I won't run out of space and have to choose which apps to delete to make space for others that I want, and I've got loads of reading material and music in case I visit somewhere that has no WiFi.

Cloud storage won't save your butt either

One mistake I made was thinking I didn' need more than 16GB because I had DropBox, Google Drive and OneDrive. My employer gives me a whole terabyte of space on OneDrive, so I figured there was no reason to pay extra for a phone with more storage. Wrong! I soon found out that data belongs to an app. It's a terrible paradigm in my opinion. Each time you read a book, you import it from cloud storage but it lives within your book's app. Each time you use FaceBook, the Facebook app gets bigger, even if you don't care about all the pictures it collects. Each time you add something to a reading list in Safari, or get an MMS from a friend with videos, or record a voice memo or rent a movie in fact any time you do anything useful, you're eating storage. My phone right now is saying the storage is almost full so I have to delete some apps to make room. In Windows, if I run short of room, I just move some data over to an external drive, or burn it to DVD. With iOS, you are stuck having data belonging to an app before it can be used. And deleting is tricky as well, because it has to be done one item at a time. What I would give for a button in settings labeled "delete all data in selected apps" with a list of apps I could check and uncheck. Though I love accessibility in Apple products, this is one annoyance I would happily live without. Appple will make you pay for a phone with more storage and then they design the operating system so that "sharing" data between apps is a synonym for copying it!

I would get more storage.

I also agree tht the more storage you have the better off you will be, This way things will get along and be smoother then if you did not have any space. As my mom once said do things right you never know when, or if you ever will be able to do this again.

Actually I move stuff to my

Actually I move stuff to my db and google drive with file browser and then get it off the phone. I also use an app called memory and disc scanner and clean up gigs of storage usage a day. What you describe is cache. Nothing to worry about.

Better to be over prepared than scrambling for space

Personally, the more you can get the better. Before my first iPhone, I already knew that I was a large memory user on my Pc because of music, etc. Then I found Blind Mice Mega Mall, a web site where you can download audio described movies for free. Because I took advantage of the site and downloaded more than I care to admit to, I then had to purchase a secondary hard drive. Now with the use of BARD on my Phone, the Kindle App, Audible app, and music and audio described movies on my phone, I feel that my 128 GB 6S phone is very tight for memory space already. If there was a 10 terabyte phone out there and my wallet would allow the purchase, I would get that level of memory. I say that it is better to be over prepared for memory needs than to regret not having enough and have to delete some things.

Happy choosing to you and welcome to the world of the iPhone. I know that it has changed my life dramatically.