What's Siri's deal with shuffling music, and how do I stop it?

I've recently put some music on my iPhone. Sometimes but not all the time, when I ask Siri to play an album, she'll shuffle it, so the first track to play isn't the actual first track. Also, sometimes when I ask her to play an artist, she'll say, "Playing artist name shuffled." but it isn't shuffled. What's the deal here, and is there a way to tell her I *never* want her to shuffle?


#1 play a album

I noticed this too when trying to play a album just now.
What I did was close the music app and then held down the home button to launch siri and then I just play and the name of the album and then it started playing them in order.

#2 Yes, I have the same problem.

Yes, I have the same problem. I do not know how to tell her not to shuffle the music, but I do use the album future Isaac suggested.

#3 Siri keeps assuming I say

Siri keeps assuming I say post music when I say something else. It's annoying. Apple needs to look at my iPad.