which ios native apps do you still use?

i still use

app store, books, camera, mail, maps, messages, news, notes, phone and safari.

of course i use facetime, but never open the app itself. phone, messages and facetime should have been combined into one unified app years ago.


what I use

I still use: Mail, Safari, Notes, Podcasts, News, photos, shortcuts, App and Itunes stores. I sometimes use the calendar too. I keep thinking there's 1 or 2 others, but for the life of me, I can't think of them right now.

i agree

Most of what i use is native. i do agree that phone and facetime should be combined. i do wonder if messages should be in there though

All Native Apps

I only use the native iOS apps for now, and I have VO Tutorial from LookTel. This is a great app for new iOS users such as yours truly. But thus far I've found all pre-installed apps to work well. Photos and Camera are still a bit new to me though, as I've never been able to sense anything except light and dark. Therefore, these 2 apps are rather confusing to me, but they seem to work pretty well with VoiceOver.

I use to use FaceTime

I use to use FaceTime, but, my friends and family are a mixed bag of Ios. and Android. And they're all on Facebook, so I just started using Messenger for messages and calls. Plus, I use Messenger for texting especially family because its easier. And faster.
Only reason I use photos is because I have apps that read memes for me like Braigo. And I have to put the pics in there and then select them. And I've got apps that do other things OCR. related with my photos if needed. And to create more space on pages for more apps, I moved all Ios. apps I don't use to a whole other page.

The stock apps I use are as follows

I use:

App Store, Calculator, Mail, Messages, Phone, and Safari.

I wish Apple would redesign the home screen, with new labling, and new positioning of the adjustable slider.