A Word of Caution with Apple Music if You Used iTunes Match

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If you have previously subscribed to iTunes Match and have a large music library stored in the cloud, you may want to be careful when signing up for Apple Music. When I signed up for the free trial, my existing music library in the cloud became totally disorganized. Albums became split up with some songs showing the wrong artist. Luckily, I have backed up my old library and have turned off Music in the Cloud on my iPhone. I am perplexed as to how Apple could have made such a mess of iTunes match by mixing up the metadata associated with the albums and artists.

I am now searching for a fix. I cannot find the option to update iTunes match after upgrading to iTunes 12.2.

I have noted that many people are experiencing this problem according to the Apple Support comments I have read.

I love Apple Music but I would not have signed up had I known my music library in the cloud would become so messed up.

Be careful.


Updating iTunes Match

Hi! I have not yet signed up for the free trial of Apple Music, and, after the warning above, I'm reluctant to do so, as I want to keep my iTunes Match subscription going, for the simple reason that there are quite a few tracks in my iTunes library which won't be on Apple Music at all. However, i'm writing this comment to give you useful information concerning updating iTunes Match. Both Apple Music and iTunes Match are part of what Apple now calls the iCloud Music Library, so, once you've added a song or a number of songs to your iTunes library that yu want to put into iTunes Match, there are two ways you can do this: I'm giving the instructions for iTunes 12.2 on Windows here, as I have never used iTunes, or anything else for that matter, on a Mac. In the File menu, you can arrow down to the Library sub-menu, then arrow right and press Enter on Add to iCloud Music Library. Alternatively, for an individual song, once it's in focus, you can press the Applications key and choose Add to iCloud Music Library in the context menu. If you are using iTunes 12.2 on a Mac, these instructions may not be so useful for you, but if you need instructions for adding tracks to iTunes Match using a Mac there is probably someone else out there who can help you.

See something similar

I see something similar with my music. I had to turn off storing my music in iCloud because there are songs that just plain will not delete. Worse yet, they are said to be from YouTube, but I never looked up the artist nor the tracks that will not delete.

Updating iCloud Music Library

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Thanks for the info. I found the item under File>Library>update iCloud Music Library on my Mac. However, after updating my library, the music remains disorganized with many albums showing the wrong artist.

If you have a large iTunes music library in the cloud, I would proceed very carefully before subscribing to Apple Music.


Think they intend to do away with iTunes Match.

I've been subscribed to iTunes Match for a few years and always kept a back up of everything on my USB hard drive. After updating to the latest build of iTunes 12, I deleted all of my songs from my iTunes library and uploaded them again. Didn't encounter any issues. With such a major update I felt this was the best way to go.

Since iTunes match didn't care if the song it was matching was legally yours or not, I think this Apple Music service is there way of policing things.

No major problems since joining Apple music

In spite of the warning in this thread, I decided to take the plunge and join Apple Music, and I'm very glad I did. I'm also relieved to say that my iTunes library isn't a mess, with no strange changes such as songs now showing up with the wrong artist. Once in a while individual songs have disappeared from my library, but this has only happened when I'd uploaded them individually to iTunes Match in the past but have purchased albums with those songs on much more recently, in which case I would probably have taken the matched versions out of my library and kept the purchased ones anyway. This is definitely not a deal-breaker for me, so I definitely don't regret deciding to join Apple Music.

I have problems to understand match all together

Hello everyone, Before I had my member ship of match, everything was fine with me, I use nanno since the gen five and the touch since the gen 4 and just got the latest I think mini ipad 2 retna and I am at the number 9 point something. I wonder if someone could refer me to some article aor in a easy way to understand to help me to get the concept of this, because I was asking help about another topic but I realized that my problem is first and formost the understanding of this 27 dollars member ship. let me tell you where am at and maybe you could tell me where I went wrong. first, I am never worry to loose anything I am quite obsesif about backing up I have a 3 thousand gb external hard drive and I have never never lost one songs. so my understanding was that all the itune purchase would be there no problem and most lightly they are, now let's talk about the 25 thousands songs that you can have in the cloud from cd and so on. did I do it right? what I would do is look at the folder call by the letter a and all the band and artist that start with A as in America or alice cooper and so on are there, so on purpose I would pick and choose what to put in the itune program and I thought to check how it work I was please to see the activity button and when I checked it, it told me matching your music and later it told me uploading your music, so far so good I thought this is easy right? and I was please to see let's be honest ok? God! I even have some old quebec obscure music that I had on record and I put them in mp3 because you simply can not purchase them the quebec market is too small I guess, but match is great it did not care if it was a real cd bought in the store or if it was one that I mkade up and name it something. and I must admit that I have no problems as some as reported, just to show you without braging how big is my collection, one time I was counting just the itune purchase and I was at 29 thousand dollars counting each one at ten dollars only, didn't count the big set of led zep or pink Floyd box stuff like this so before I got a heart attack I am going on 60 I decided to stop counting. so I was saying if I use my ipod touch gen four or my new ipad I have no problem and I love it, but the problem start when I want to play with my older ipod nanno the way I use to do it by changing the library on them a few time a week I use to love to do this , I don't work anymore and I am as my sister put it wuite maniac with music, she propose always that I see a head doctor and she is serious hey? she make me laugh!!! smile, so my question is this, should I let say take one nanno at the time put on them my keepers that I know I will like until the day I pass on and than, leave them alone until they give up on me and basicly enjoy my touch and I pad. my life would be fun again, of course I don't think about purchasing another nanno since match and apple music that I love I figure that my next gadget will be another ipad but this time the kind that you can get internet anywhere you know, sorry for my spelling I mean like a phone a ipad selular. and I figure that with time, I will have all my gadget sellular. what do you guys and girls think?I did love my nanno so much kind of break my heart to even think about slowly letting them go but I suppose that soon or later you got to advance with the tecknology. thank God I had no problems such as reported, oh just one more question, is it possible without stopping the member ship to start bran new with a clean plate like if you just got your member ship today?
would you mind to give me your opinion on this I am some what overwhelm and maybe the answer is facing me and I can not see it. thank you.