Words with Friends

There's a discussion on twitter asking about how in/accessible WWF is now. Has anyone tried it recently? I haven't, my rudimentary understanding was that the letters are labelled correctly but you can't drag them onto the board, as you have no wa of finding out what you're dragging them onto. Is that correct? does anyone know what precisely would need to be done to make it V/O accessible? Ian


A few questions.

Hello all.,
I've just installed words with friends, but I don't know how to play this game.
Please does anyone know how to make new words?
I also don't know how to read chatk messages" I can type and send message to an oponent, but Voiceover doesn't read it back. All that Voiceover reads is just the time when a message was sent, but it doesn't read the message itself.
Is there any solution for that?
Thanks a lot in advance.