Working with lists in YoruFukurou

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I am using Yorufukurou as my Twitter client on my MacBook Air. It is a great app and is fully accessible. However, I have a question about editing lists with Yorufukurou. I previously used the Qube as my Twitter client when I was using Windows. I could easily group the people I was following into lists. I am trying to find the same functionality in Yorufukurou. For example, does anyone know how to add or remove people to or from an existing list with Yorufukurou? Also, is there a way of creating new tweet lists with Yorufukurou? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I don't Think

I don't think Night Owl has that functionality, or at least I've never found it. Another limitation you'll find in this regard is that opening a list only loads 20 items at a time.

create a tab by hitting cmd p

  1. create a tab by hitting cmd p then add new
  2. create a tab and name it then choose list
  3. choose the list you want to edit
  4. click ok.
  5. click view members
  6. click add members
  7. add the members you want to ad.
  8. click close
  9. remove the list tab as it is no longer needed

For removing members do the same thing except click remove members after listing them. I hope that helps I have an audio file explaining how to do this some ware in my mess. If you need it I will provide a link.

That is as of the newest

That is as of the newest update as of last year. I don't like this and have tried to contact the developer to load more items in to the list buffer , but whereas they used to be responsive now they are not.

Take care to all.

Working with Yorufukurou

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Thanks. This worked perfectly. It's not as easy as it was with the Qube, but it works all the same.