Yik Yak Takes a Nosedive in Accessibility

Please be sure to email the developer of the app with me. The posts are no longer readable. You can only see number where the post should be.


#1 Developers' contact info? I can read posts but

I am able to read the posts. But the lack of accessibility for me is on the "me" tab. After the "my stuff" option VO clicks as if there were more items but reads nothing. And I can't find any information about the developers. Do you know what their contact info is? Thanks

#2 I've emailed Yik Yak

I've started seeing the same thing and just now wrote an email to them. Heres to heoping for an answer. Their contact page is here: http://support.yikyakapp.com/
Click the other link, and you'll have to look below the link , as it doesn't bring you to a new page, just brings up a form for you to fill out under the other link.
Hope you guys can email, and get this app working for everyone again. The more emails, the better!

#3 That topic got posted months

That topic got posted months ago and Yikyak works fine nowadays.

#4 It hasen't been working for me

Hi, I don't come on applevis much, so I don't know what you guys do when the accessability of n app changes, for the better or worce, start a new form, topic, or dig up an old form topic along the same lines. But I've been using yik yak lately, and for a while, it was working great. Though after a few updates the interface got somewhat harder to use.